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The Best Spray Shampoos For Thin Hair: Our Top Picks

Need to give your hair a fresh boost? These spray shampoos will do just the trick!

If you have thin hair, then you know the struggle of having to deal with limpness and constantly greasy locks. No matter how many times you wash your hair during the week, the grease just seems to build up and can sometimes make your hair a dirty, stringy mess. Well, that is until now, because we have the answer for you: spray shampoo.

Also known as dry shampoo, this miracle in a spray can helps tame unwanted grease within washes, and works like a charm even if you’ve skipped a wash (or five—we won’t judge). Fellow fine-haired girls, these spray shampoos are true lifesavers, but you have to choose wisely to avoid the white residue that a few of them can leave in your hair. Luckily for you, we have some of the best spray shampoos on the market to tell you about. So, if you want fresh and clean locks without stepping in the shower, check out some of these grade-A spray shampoos to keep your hair grease-free all day long:

Spray Shampoo: Every Thin-Haired Girl’s Secret Weapon To Grease-Free Hair

spray shampoo for thin hair
If you have thin, oil hair, spray shampoo is the definite answer to all of your greasy needs!

1. For added volume

If you’re hair seems a little flat, then you should try the Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry ShampooYou’ll feel this spray shampoo work like a charm as it refreshes your roots and sucks away excess grease and oil  from your hair. And, it’s very lightweight and fine hair-friendly, so it won’t leave any gross residue behind. The best part is that this spray shampoo also gives an added lift and extra volume, so it acts as a shampoo and volumizer in one bottle!

2. For everyday freshness

For just a taming spritz to make your locks oil-free, we recommend grabbing a bottle of TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Care Dry ShampooIt’s perfect for when you need to run out of the house and haven’t gotten to wash your hair yet, or if you just want that styled look from the salon to last an extra day. It’s also fortified with vitamin B12 to make your hair healthy and strong, while taking away excess grease and sheen.

3. For healthy shine

For giving your hair a salon-styled body and shine, without actually going to the salon or even stepping in the shower, try Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist. This award-winning spray shampoo sucks out all of the excess grime in your hair and gives your hair fullness and movement through it’s lightweight formula infused with pearl extract. It also makes your hair look and smell as if you just washed and styled it, with its enticing jasmine and water lily fragrances.

Now that you’ve found the best spray shampoos for your unruly hair, check out our dry shampoo guide to get the most out of each spritz.

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