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Why Volumizing Hair Spray for Thin Hair is a Modern-Day Essential

Your hair on a whole 'notha level!

What is the volumizing spray? It’s a product, often used as a styling tool, that gives your hair an instant jolt of body, bounce, and yes, volume. Lots and lots of volume. You see, unlike regular hairspray, which you use to finish or “set” a style, volumizing hair sprays are formulated as sprays that lock in the volume or even enhance your hair’s body. No matter what type of hair you have, you can use volumizing spray for thin hair. The trick, of course, is how and where you direct the spray. Here are our top three volumizing spray options for any hair type:

3 Ways to Make Volumizing Spray for Thin Hair Efficient

1. Maximum Volume

volumizing hairspray maximum volume on tousled hair
The more you spray and tease, the bigger it gets.

If you want hair that is wild, full and has that sexy, “I just rolled out of bed” look, you can achieve it with volumizing hairspray. Your first step is to make your hair messy and tousled. One trick is to preserve with pin curls overnight. The next morning, unpin the curls and break them up with your fingers. After you’ve achieved your optimal undone look, your next step is to use the volumizing hairspray to lock it in.

Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam helps enhance the voluminous look of big, bold hairstyles. Hold the can 10 to 12 inches away from the hair and spray to set.

2. Volume for Curly Hairstyles

volumizing hairspray curly hair
More curls, more volume.

Curly hair by nature has a bit of volume that can vary by curl type. However, if you want to go really, really, really big, use volumizing hairspray. For curly hair or curly hairstyles to achieve extra fullness and volume, you need to create sections in your hair before you use the volumizing spray. Section hair horizontally from one end of your crown to the other, from one side of your ear to the other ear. Create more (or fewer) horizontal sections depending on how much volume you want.

For styles like these, try TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Boost Hold Level 3. This is a lightweight volumizing hairspray that imparts volume but no stiffness to finished looks. It helps keep your curly style in place while also giving hair fullness and shine.

3. Volume for Fine or Thin Hair Types

Fine and thin hair always looks plumper when it’s curled and wavy. The waves give an illusion of volume. To lock in a full, “movie hair” vibe that has cascading waves and curls on thin hair, use your secret weapon: volumizing hair spray.

When hair is damp, spray on Suave Root Lifting Volume Boosting Spray after you’ve sectioned your hair focusing on your roots. This volumizing styling spray helps create voluminous styles with the body and makes hair feel thicker. After application, using heated or foam rollers, wrap your hair into rollers.

Dry your hair completely, remove rollers, and gently shake your head, as you’re letting hair fall into place. Using a round brush, you’ll brush the hair into loose, soft waves. Then take the spray, and flip your head over to spray the underside of your hair. When the spray is dry, flip the hair back. Then lightly spray sections (the undersides of each), until you’ve achieved the volume you desire.

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