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Hair Serum vs. Hairspray: When to Use Each Product

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Two totally different jobs. 

The world of hair products is growing at a rapid pace. But with all of those different products it can be quite overwhelming to understand exactly what they do and how they’re different —which is how we get to the great hair serum vs. hairspray debate. These two products couldn’t be much different, but they do have a few similar characteristics that work on similar hair types. See what we’re saying! Read on to learn what’s what the hair serum vs. hairspray debate is all about.

The Big Debate: Hair Serum vs. Hairspray

hair serum vs. hairspray debate
Both hair serum and hairspray can bring on the shine. Photo credit:

1. Similar: Shine

In the hair serum vs. hairspray debate, a lot of the confusion comes from what we like to call bonuses. These aren’t the main goal of the product, but they are the things that make us love to use them. For instance, both hairspray and hair serum have the bonus of making your hair look shiny.

Let’s take the S Factor by TIGI Silky Smooth Serum and Bed Head By TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray as examples. Both of these products do their jobs as serum and hairspray. But, both of them also leave your hair looking silky and shiny. It’s the best bonus, right?

2. Similar: Allow Movement

Both hair serum and hairspray have totally evolved since they were first invented. What used to be overly heavy products that could make your hair limp and helmet-like are now much lighter. You still don’t want to go overboard with either, but both hair serum and hairspray can be used in swishy styles. Your blowout will thank you.

3. Similar: Frizz-Fighting

Here is where things get a little murky. You see, one of the intended goals of hair serums is to fight frizz. And, for certain hairsprays, the same thing can be said, for instance, for the TRESemmé Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum and the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray.

Both of these products achieve their ultimate goals, but both also have factors that make them particularly good for fighting frizz. The hairspray helps to seal out humidity which often can cause frizz. The serum coats your frizz in a layer of keratin, helping to smooth it down and keep that frizz at bay.

4. Different: Application

Here is where the differences are the most noticeable. Hair serum is a liquid product that you apply to dry, damp or freshly washed hair. And a little really goes a long way where you only need one pump of hair serum to cover all of your hair as it helps to smooth and coat your hair.

Hairspray is much different. You really only want to apply hairspray to dry hair. If you apply it to wet hair, at best, it won’t do anything. At worst? You’ll be dealing with a sticky rats’ nest of hair. Apply your hairspray last to lock your awesome style in place.

5. Different: Overall Goal

Here’s the rub: The overall goal of each product like hair serum vs. hairspray is totally different. Although they both have similar benefits, they aren’t intended for the same purpose. Hair serum is a smoothing product that helps to tuck away frizzy hair, making your hair look like a smooth and feel silky. It’s really perfect for gals who love that pin straight, silky hair look.

Hairspray, on the other hand, is your last finishing step that’s used to hold together your hairstyle. Sure, it can make that style shiny and help to prevent frizz. But, the overall intention for your hairspray is to set your style beautifully.

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14 March 2017