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5 Minutes with Shaniqua Garvin on Short Natural Hair

This look is all about embracing your hair.

There are countless ways to alter your natural hair type. From going straight via relaxers to changing up your hair color from the latest trend to trying out braids, there are are tons of switch up your look. But, after awhile these constant modifications can be exhausting, especially if you have natural hair. Many women are foregoing these beauty regimens and opting for a more natural way to wear their hair as evidenced in the short natural hair movement that we’ve been seeing. Not only does this allow you to simplify your life, you can also embrace your given hair type and texture with an easier styling routine. To learn more about embracing natural short hair, we chatted with blogger Shaniqua Garvin of Brown Media Mom who recently stopped dyeing her hair while also opting for a shorter hairstyle. Read on to learn more about how this new look has changed her hair care regimen.

On Short Natural Hair: Shaniqua Garvin of Brown Media Mama

natural short hair interview with Shaniqua Garvin
Shaniqua Garvin embracing her natural, shorter hair. Photo credit @brownmediamama

All Things Hair: What is your favorite way to wear your hair?

Shaniqua Garvin: I wear a basic wash and go fro style at the moment. Because I recently gave myself a short hair cut. It’s quick and easy.

All Things Hair: How has your hair care regimen changed over the years?

Shaniqua Garvin: I have found ways to simplify my hair regimen. I wanted to cut time on washing and styling. I used to do 3-4 things to my hair from stripping to wash to detangling to twisting into a style about two times a week. I transitioned to having a beautician do my hair and even coloring it, which lead to having unwanted products being put in my hair. Now, I have decided to start fresh by cutting off all my hair into a very low style. I focus on moisturizing it and I use a product that will maintain my fro style all week.

All Things Hair: What are your go-to products for your short natural hair?

Shaniqua Garvin: Water is my number one and I lightly spray my hair with it everyday. I use a lot of conditioner, often overnight. I put conditioner in when I shower after the gym and leave it in. On the next day when I take a shower after the gym, I wash the conditioner out. Then, I apply a styling product as it is drying along with styling gels. That’s it!

natural hair Shaniqua Garvin
Shaniqua Garvin rocking her natural hair. Photo credit: @brownmediamama

All Things Hair: Would you ever try color on your hair? Which one and why?

Shaniqua Garvin: I have decided to stop coloring my hair. I was born salt and pepper and I spent many years coloring my hair. Now that I am 36, I want people to know that this is my hair color and not my suddenly going gray.

All Things Hair: What’s the hardest and easiest thing about embracing short natural hair?

Shaniqua Garvin: The hardest is sometimes I don’t feel as feminine with my shorter hair because of my facial features. The easiest is the quick maintenance time. It is so much easier to maintain!

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