Look from ESSENCE Festival 2019

Day 1 at ESSENCE Festival with Jazmine (a.k.a. JD Series)

Curls and 'fros and braids, oh my!

There’s so much #BlackGirlMagic happening at the 25th annual ESSENCE Festival. In a sea full of women with beautiful hairstyles and hair textures from cute puffs to braids and more, we’re certainly spoiled for choice.

We’re all about celebrating individual beauty and we love to get the lowdown on how women choose to wear their hair. We caught up with blogger and influencer Jazmine Boutte (@jdseries) of The JD Series to get the inside scoop behind her look and why she created her lifestyle blog.

ESSENCE Festival 2019: Day1


influencer Jazmine Boutte at Essence Festival 2019
It was all glitz and glam at ESSENCE Festival this year. Credit: instagram.com/jdseries

Meet Jazmine

ATH: What would you say your hair type is?

Jazmine Boutte: I typically don’t hair type but if I had to say a type I would say I have a little 3 and a little 4 up in the mix. My hair sometimes has a personality of its own. It can be anything on any given day!

ATH: Do you have any go-to hairstyles you love?

JB: My go-to hair-style is the top puff which is what I’m rocking now. It’s extremely easy to do and I would definitely say it’s my quickest style. I also love twist-outs.

ATH: You’re a blogger, how did you find your voice in such a saturated space?

JB: I actually have a degree in Mass Communication with a focus on Journalism from Dillard University, so I’ve always had a love for writing. My blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog, so I just combined my love of fashion and writing. I love being a fashion inspiration to women—especially plus size women—showing them that they too can look fashionable and slay!

The Day’s Events

influencer Jazmine Boutte wearing a feathered headdress
Was this ESSENCE Festival or Rio Carnival? Credit: instagram.com/jdseries

Although the whole day is an amazing opportunity to get involved with all sorts of activities, Jazmine had a few favorite moments. “The Beauty Carnival was a great experience! I especially enjoyed all of the unique photo opportunities.” Spoken like a true Instagram star, Jazmine.

But there was more than just photo opportunities, there were also talks about historical hairstyles from African America culture – we’re talking braids, weaves and so much more – plus Dove was offering a whole pampering session where Jazmine got her glam on with a pedicure and bedazzled hair!

“I also thoroughly enjoyed the Curls Convo with TRESemmé and celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen,” says Jazmine. “Ursula did a hair demo showing how great the Keratin treatment is when performing smoothing treatments, such as a silk press – which also protects from frizz, FYI. She started off with a long ponytail, wrapped it around into a fancy top knot and added jewels to spruce up the look.”

Ursula also gave lots of insider tips for using products in your styling routine, such as how to use the TRESemmé Micro Mist Hairspray for a lasting, but non-sticky hold, as well as the best way to apply a gel.

Check out Jazmine’s Instagram stories for a first-hand look at what went down.

How to get Jazmine’s Top Puff Hairstyle

influencer at Essence Festival 2019 standing in front of a billboard
Are you ready for all the ESSENCE Festival excitement? Credit: instagram.com/jdseries

Step 1:

First things first: Make sure your hair is fully detangled before you start styling.

Step 2:

Use a spray bottle with water and a leave-in conditioner to revitalize your hair by adding a little to all parts of your hair. Create sections of hair if this is easier.

Step 3:

Now take a hard brush and work it through the hair in an upward movement to form a ponytail. Secure with a hairband.

Step 3:

Apply a gel to lay down your edges. You can do this with the tip of a finger or with a toothbrush.

Step 4:

Next, tie a stocking around your forehead and slowly tighten it in the front while simultaneously bringing the stocking up in the back. Tie this to your desired puff size.

Step 5:

Tie a scarf down to secure your edges and you’re all done!


And there you have it, hair to die for! For more styling tips and hair care advice, check out our dedicated All Things Natural Hair page.

This article has been edited for clarity.

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