10 Short Weave Hairstyles We Love for Spring/Summer

Eunice Lucero | 29 April 2019

Get in on the most flattering short weave styles for the year.

For a lot of women, finding short weave hairstyles that look both natural and stylish is a trial-and-error process. Shorter hair is definitely trickier to style around, as their tracks may be more obvious than those in longer hair extensions.

It’s also important to keep a few tips in mind, such as asking for razored layers and easing up on strong-hold hair products when sporting hair extensions, whether they be short sew in hairstyles or the longer all-in-one varieties. Scroll on down for a few of our favorite looks and why they’ll work for you:

1. Layered Bob

stacked short weave hairstyles
Try this short weave style with a side part.

Layers at the back give some fullness, while a side-sweep makes things sweeter.

2. The Stacked Bob

rounded short weave hairstyles
Part your bob in the middle if you’re craving a more natural look.

Classic bobs are making a comeback this year, and this variation, which features a side-swept fringe and some stacked layers at the back, are as popular as ever. This is a good option to try if you’re a fan of the volumized, blown-out look (but not a fan of the work that goes into it!).

3. The Bowl Cut

bowl cut short weave hairstyles
This super-shiny version is synthetic and proud of it. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Hear us out: It’s one of this year’s biggest trending haircuts, and although it’s not as natural as the other short weave hairstyles on this list, it’s an avant-garde look that’s undeniably fazhun. More of a full weave/wig than a sewn-in set of extensions, a fringed bowl cut has been a fave on the red carpets lately and has a confident sex appeal that’s also a bit vintage.

4. Super Short Razored Pixie

pixie short weave hairstyles
Razored lazier creates an edgy finish.

Razor the layers of your weave at an angle to blend them in more seamlessly. Add a soft hold and shine with Love Beauty and Planet Soft Hold & Shine Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hair Spray.


5. The Long Pixie

highlighted short weave hairstyles
Highlights can add dimension and more interest to short weave hairstyles.

Another popular look within the natural hair community is the long pixie weave. This hairstyle features a super-short boy’s cut but with the top and fringe area kept long and soft, as it’s frequently styled swept and worn to one side, at an angle. Short weave hairstyles of this variety look more natural when the ends are razored at an angle to blend in more seamlessly with their own layers, or even spiced up with some balayage or highlights at the fringe for dimension.

6. The Fringe Lob Combo

lobbed short weave hairstyles
Add a fringe for a modern look.

A lob is more natural-looking than long, waist-length hair. Create this airy effect by blowdrying your weave straight. You can apply TRESemmé Thermal Creations Blow Dry Balm for a smooth finish.


7. Tousled Lob

wavy short weave hairstyles
Use a curling/flat iron to create waves in short weave hairstyles for a more tousled look.

If you’re going for a straight weave and long for the silky look made popular by celebs nowadays, pick a lob. Not only are lobs a more realistic length than waist-long hair, they’re also really on-trend short weave hairstyles at the moment. Wear one with a blunt fringe to maximize its face-framing appeal; otherwise, keep it messy with chunky waves for a cute, summer-appropriate look.

8. Curled Pixie

curly short weave hairstyles: curly pixie
Go short and sweet with a curly pixie.

Did you know you can get a short sew-in weave on long hair? Try your hand at a pixie and soften tight curls with respect to your natural cowlick.

9. Wavy Pixie

curly side short weave hairstyles
A wider, more uniform bend (a.k.a. a Marcel wave) is both polished and playful.

Wavy short weave hairstyles are also a popular sew-in choice, as this creates fullness at the crown while also easily blending in with curly hair. Pick a weave that doesn’t have ringlets that are too defined for a more natural look, or try to loosen them up with your fingers or a brush beforehand for a fluffier texture.

10. Wispy Bob

wispy short weave hairstyles
Keep the ends tracking over your brows for a flirty touch.

A wispy bob is wildly flattering on women with defined cheekbones and jawlines, and its angled layers also have a slimming effect on most face shapes. This shag-inspired look may also have flippy ends that hug the nape for a more natural-looking taper, or sides long enough to tuck behind your ears.

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