Day 2 at ESSENCE Festival with Kineatra Jones

Style tips, self-love and so much more from ESSENCE Fest.

As the days of Essence Fest go by, the energy of the people we meet gets better and better. There’s something to be said about being in an environment where everyone is unapologetic about embracing who they are despite what society tries to impose on women of color.

Today, we caught up with Kineatra Jones of NaturallyNex. The first thing that lit up about her, besides her beautiful curls, was her infectious smile. It almost felt like running into an old friend and catching up. This is what it’s like when you have a community of women with natural hair that welcomes everyone just like them with open arms.

Read on for our chat with Kineatra on Day 2 of Essence Fest 2019, as well as how to get her fabulous style from the day.

ESSENCE Festival Day 2


influencer Kineatra Jone wearing a white and black striped top and sunglasses with hoop earrings and thin gold chains
Kineatra ready to take on the day at ESSENCE Festival. Credit: Shaquille Dunbar

Meet Kineatra

All Things Hair: You have such beautiful curls. Are you into hair typing?

Kineatra Jones: I’m not one to really type my hair by saying 4a, b, or c but I would describe my hair as coily/curly.

ATH: If you could pick one hairstyle you love what would it be and why?

KJ: My go-to style would be a braid-out. For me, it’s all about maintaining length and volume. Braid-outs provide me with the best of both worlds.

ATH: Your blog NaturallyNex is so resourceful! How did it come to be?

KJ: I’ve always been a writer and one day when I was unemployed, I thought, “Hey, why not start writing about my natural hair?”

ATH: Tell us about your hairstyle of choice for Essence Fest:

KJ: Today I created a wash and go using a leave-in, a thickening cream and a gel. I styled it by using a brush suitable for natural hair which also helps define my curls and coils.


‘Sister, Sister’ Panel

Curls prepped and ready to go, Kineatra took up each opportunity offered at ESSENCE. The first stop? A panel hosted by Dre and Dove called ‘Sister, Sister’.

But this was a panel with a difference. “It consisted of a set of 3 teams with 3 different team members,” says Kineatra, “where each player was given a dry erase board with a marker and asked by host Dre, fun questions pertaining to their friendship or family member.”

One of the questions was, “Who takes the Longest to get dressed?” Each team member was given 10 seconds to write on their boards on what they thought the correct answer would be. They each had to be in agreement to get a point. In the end, 2 teams become tied for a grand prize.

Looks like it pays to listen to your loved ones!

How to get Kineatra’s Wash ‘n’ Go Look

Kineatra Jones look
Wash ‘n’ Go Curls Are A Girls Best Friend. Credit: Shaquille Dunbar

Step 1: Wash hair with a moisturizing hair care system.

A good wash-and-go, like any other hairstyle begins in the shower. Wash hair with Suave Sulfate-free Cleansing Shampoo for Natural Hair starting at the scalp and work your way down to the ends of your hair.

Follow this with the Suave Moisturizing Curl Conditioner for Natural Hair. This system gently cleanses and hydrates for beautiful curls. Leave in for desired time and thoroughly rinse out.

Step 2: Detangle hair.

Using your fingers, gently detangle your hair remove any knots. You can do this step while you still have conditioner in your hair to provide more slip.

Alternatively, you can detangle with a leave-in conditioner like Suave Nourish & Strengthen Leave-In Conditioner for Natural Hair which helps protect hair from styling damage and nourishes hair.

After using your fingers, you can follow-up with a wide-tooth comb, combing from ends to root if needed.

Step 3: Part hair.

Part your hair in the direction you want your hair to fall and then apply your styler. This can be a gel or a cream depending on your hair’s needs or your personal preference.

For a stronger hold, you’re better off with a gel. Rake Suave Define and Shine Serum Gel through your hair to help lock in moisture and to hold your curl shape.

Kineatra’s top tip: Use a Denman brush to remove any stiffness from the gel and help further define your curls.

Step 4: Air-dry or diffuse.

Take your pick: Let Mother Nature do the work for you or use a diffuser to dry your wash and go style.

Apply an oil of your choice for added softness and shine, and you’re all ready to rock. Wear your look for 3-5 days and repeat the process.


And there you have it, a fabulous braid out! For more styling tips and hair care advice, check out our All Things Natural Hair page.


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