Single Box Braids: 24 Stylish Ways to Wear This Protective Style

Alyssa François | 21 November 2017

Our love for box braids lives on.

If you haven’t noticed by now how obsessed we are with box braids, this gallery will prove our point. Day after day we just keep coming across more and more styles that we just can’t keep to ourselves. After all, why would we? The style is just too good. If you’re just as obsessed as we are, or you’re simply looking for single box braids hairstyle inspiration, scroll through this gallery for every style idea you need to know about right now:

Single Box Braids: 24 Hairstyle Ideas on Our Radar

single box braids blonde
Go for the blonde look.

1. Blonde Box Braids

Give your single braids a fun look by playing around with different hair colors. Don’t know where to start? Well, they do say blondes have more fun!

single box braids: blonde highlights
Add a pop of color with highlights.

2. Blonde Highlights

Not into the full blonde look on your braids? You can opt for a few blonde highlights instead.

Single braids blonde side braid
Simple side braid style.

3. Side Braid Blonde

A simple side braid style is perfect for any occasion.

single braids: bow bun
Girly and fun style.

4. Box Braids Bow Bun

There are so many ways to make the single braids look a fun experience. We love this girly bow bun style.

single box braids: twists
Braided roots box twist style.

5. Braided Roots Twist

Want to go for an interesting spin on the look? Try a mishmash of braids and twists.

single braids charm accessory
Accessorize your look.

6. Accent Braid

Create a fun accent braid with the use of accessories. We love how this charm makes a single braid stand out.

single box braids: chunky
Go big with chunky braids.

7. Chunky Single Braids

Aiming for a braided look that’s not like the rest? Go for this chunky braids style.

single box braids: defined curls
Cute and defined curls.

8. Black Curly Braids

Try a super defined curly braid style. To maintain the sheen of this look, you can apply a shine serum like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum on your hair.

single box braids: curly braids
Teeny braids with bouncy curls.

9. Curly Mini Braids

Give your micro braids a fun update with bouncy curls.

single box braids: extra long
Go for extra long braids for a fun look.

10. Extra Long Braids

Want a dramatic, yet stylish look? Go for super long single braids.

single box braids: gray
Single braids are for any age.

11. Gray Braids

Single box braided styles work well for any age. We love this curly short look.

single box braids: half up
Pull your braids up into a trendy look.

12. Half Up Style

Have a hair trend that you’re eyeing? You can try it out on box braids! This half-up style is chic and easy to do.

single box braids: low ponytail
Middle part ponytails are our favorite.

13. Middle Part Low Ponytail

It’s no secret that we love middle parts and we love it even more on a braided low ponytail. Gather your hair into this look for an easy off-duty look.

single box braids: long braids
Let your braids hang low.

14. Office Style

Long work day or just want a fuss-free look? Allow your braids to hang low and free.

single box braids: red braids
A pop of color and curls makes the look more fun.

15. Red Single Braids

Red, blonde, orange and blue are just a few of our favorite colors to add into braids. A pop of color makes the look much more interesting and fun.

single box braids: short hair
Keep it short and sweet.

16. Short Single Braids

In the mood for a bob haircut but you still want braids? We’re here to tell you that you can have both!

single box braid: side braid
Perfect style for any occasion.

17. Side Braid

Running out of versatile styling ideas? Add this side halo braid style to your list.

single box braids: low ponytail
Simple low ponytail style.

18. Low Ponytail Style

If you’re just getting this style to give your hair a break and you just want to give your hair a simple, casual style, opt for the low ponytail.

single box braids: single braid ponytail
Pull your braids back into a single braid.

19. Low Side Part Braid

We love the laid-back feeling of this style. Pull your hair back and gather into a single low single braid.

single box braids: side ponytail
Pull your pony over to the side

20. Side Ponytail

We like the funky feeling of this side ponytail style. Use this style for when you want to upgrade the look and feel of your ponytail just a bit.

single box braids: small braids
Small braids style.

21. Small Braids

What stands out besides the bluish tint of these braids is the size. Small braids tend to have a more refined and neat look.

single box braids: crimps
Fun and flirty crimpy effect.

22. Single Box Braids Crimps

Want a funky 90s-inspired style? Go for the crimped effect. If you don’t use braiding hair that is already crimped, you can braid the hair in small sections using a gel like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel to help encourage a curl and soft hold.

single box braids: waves
Single braids with a wavy finish.

23. Wavy Single Box Braids

To create this wavy effect, create one or a few buns and allow them to set overnight. In the morning, let your hair loose and spritz with a flexible spray like Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

single box braids: doctor wearing braids
Single braids are appropriate for any office setting.

24. Half Up Single Box Braids

Update the half up style with a stylish side-swept look.

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