Get the Look: Side Braid Tutorial

Master how to make a side braid in our easy tutorial. A perfect look for summer!

easy side braid tutorial

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We are pretty psyched for summer for obvious reasons, many of which involve basking in the sun and soaking in some carefree days lounging at the beach. And with the warmer months comes a lot of easy/breezy hairstyles that you can rock with ease like the ever-popular side braid. This Bohemian-inspired easy side braid is all about showcasing a laid-back style that’s signified by a loose braid and tendrils that naturally frame your face. As an easy style, we also love how versatile this side plait hairstyle can be where you can wear it to work, to the beach or when you want a relaxed yet romantic vibe for date night. We first go in on this hair trend when we got the scoop during Miami Swim Week where TRESemmé‘s Stylist Tyler Laswell shared this braid that he paired with some loose curls that he signified was “inspired by the beauty of mermaids and the hidden treasures of the sea.” Sounds gorgeous, right?! To inspire you to get in on this awesome trend, we are sharing Laswell’s tips on how to create the perfect side braid and what hair care products you’ll need to master this look at home.

Breaking it Down: How to Do a Side Braid

how to create a side braid tutorial
The gorgeous side-swept braid as featured on Jennifer Palpallatoc of Haute Off the Rack. Photo credit: Kristen Soileau

Step 1: Add some mousse to your hair.

To start your braids to the side hairstyle, you’ll need to evenly distribute some of the TRESemmé TRES Two Climate Protection Mousse throughout your damp hair. This product works to hold the shape of your style and help hold it in place during even the most humid of days. For this process, work the product from the roots-to-ends, then rough-dry your hair using a paddle brush.

Step 2: Use a curling iron.

Using a medium-size curling iron as you create loose waves at random parts of your hair, until all hair is completely curled. Don’t worry about creating perfect curls since this look is all about a romantic and laid-back side braid. When you’ve achieved your desired loose curl, lightly tease your hair at the roots for some added volume.

Step 3: Create a deep-side part.

Separate your hair into a deep-side part, then pull all loose strands to the side away from your part. Create a basic three-strand braid and secure with a clear elastic. For those that are more advanced in the hair braided department, you can opt for a sophisticated fishtail braid or breezy mermaid braid as you side braided style.

Laswell’s hair tip: For the desired effortless look in your hair, be sure to not pull the hair too tight while braiding!

Step 4: Lock in your hairstyle.

Lock in your side plait by spritzing some of the TRESemmé TRES Two Climate Protection Hairspray throughout your braid.

You’re done and now you’ve mastered how to make a side braid! Check how to create even more cool braided styles by rocking an accent braid hairstyle.

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