10 Stylish Ways to Wear Block Braids

Upgrade your braided 'do with some well-placed grids.

Block braids are just another way of describing box braids that have visible square-shaped sections for each braid. It’s important to know this terminology as it makes it easier to show and explain to your stylist the exact style you’re after. The size of your block sections, whether it be big or small, can help determine the size of your braids as well.

There are so many block braid styles to choose from, and of course, endless ways to wear the look. If you’re looking for ideas, you have come to the right place! Read on below to see which we’ve rounded up as our most sought-after looks:

block braids large
The jumbo look.

1. Large Block Braids

The bigger your blocks, the bigger your braids will be. Try this fun take on the block braid with colorful braiding hair.

block braids: medium bun
Low jumbo bun.

2. Medium Block Parts

If jumbo box braids aren’t your thing, you can go down a size or two. We love the idea of medium block braids with a low bun.

block braids loose roots
Loose and easy.

3. Loose Ponytail

Try braids with looser root to avoid tension. Style your hair into loose ponytails and buns.

block braids rectangle shape
Mix it with rectangle-shaped parts.

4. Rectangle Blocks

You don’t have to settle for square blocks; you can also try rectangles or mix it up with both.

block braids mini.
Teeny block braids.

5. Mini Block Braids

The only part about mini block braids is that it takes a while to install and a while to remove. Commit to this look if you have the patience to sit while getting your hair done, as well as a healthy amount of patience for the removal process. To maintain this look, keep hair intact and frizz-free with an oil, like Nexxus Oil Infinite Hair Oil.

long block braids
Popular block braid style.

6. Long Braided Style

This is one of the most popular looks when it comes to box braids with block-shaped parts. If you want something that’s in style, you can’t go wrong with this version.

small block braids
Keep things small.

7. Small Block Sections

Keep things small and simple with small blocks of braids. You can wear this style for months. To wash, opt to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, like TIGI Copyright Custom Care Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

block braids top knot
Everyone’s favorite bun.

8. The Block Braid Top Knot

Looking for ways to style your new braids? No matter what size braids you settled for, a top knot works for all.

block braids small
Secure the ends with rubber bands.

9. Braids with Rubber Band Ends

To prevent your braids from loosening at the ends you can use a rubber band to fasten the ends. As an alternative, you can opt for not getting blunt ends, and instead, have your stylist leave your ends loose and backcomb to fasten in place.

block braids: medium
Play around with the shape.

10. Diagonal Box

If you want to get a little more creative with your look, you can also try a diagonal block shape.

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