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6 Bob Haircuts for Thin Hair That Make Your Hair Look Fuller

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Eunice Lucero

Gamechanging looks abound.

If you’ve ever lusted over the full, bouncy bobs you see in hair commercials, on celebrities or even on that perfectly put-together girl on the street, you’re not alone. There’s something so enviable about an immaculately constructed short hairstyle that’s seemingly impervious to the elements, a bad hair day, flyaways or thinning spots. All is not lost: You’ll be happy to note that there are a lot of bob haircuts for thin hair that not only make the most of what you have, but actually give the illusion of more fullness and density. Yes, even for those who’ve always thought short hair was merely for the lucky ones born with thicker hair types.

We list down some of our fave bob haircuts on thin hair that maximize your current state of affairs, whether it be an allover thinning or simply baby-fine, limp locks in desperate need for a volume boost. Read on:

6 Fullness-Enhancing Bob Haircuts for Thin Hair

bob haircuts for thin hair blunt edges
Straight, blunt edges give major swing to your style. Photo credit:

1. 1990s Blunt Bob

Although we do agree to the heft-inducing benefits of some well-placed layers, a straight-edged blunt bob can also be wildly flattering on those with thin, straight hair. Provided it cuts right below the ear or at your jaw (i.e. the widest part of most faces), it can give your hair that fashionable swing and bounce. Bonus: This look falls under the ’90s trend umbrella that’s been taking the industry by storm, so rest assured this look is still one of the most ’grammable out there.

bob haircuts for thin hair concave
Piecey bangs on a round bob are SO 2017. Photo credit:

2. Fringed and Concave

A lot of Asians have thin, wispy strands that might seem tricky to style. However, if you fall under this specific hair category, then consider getting a concave bob haircut for thin hair and pair it with some wispy, finger-light bangs. This look has blown up over the last two seasons—again, riding on the 1990s normcore wave—and is also pretty flattering and youth-enhancing, especially on rounder faces.

bob haircuts for thin hair cheekbone short
The best way to show off that matte lip. Photo credit:

3. Cheekbone-Length

If you’re blessed with killer bone structure, show it off with a super-abbreviated bob that cuts right belowj your cheekbones. This bob haircut for thin hair is usually stacked at the back (unless you’re going for an undercut, in which case, yaaas kween!) and worn with a ramrod-straight finish. The result is very cutting edge and probably isn’t for those not comfortable with blowing their hair out every day, but the sharp edges do wonders in giving fine hair some structure.

bob haircuts for thin hair stacked
Sweep it to the side to maximize its feminine appeal.

4. Soft and Stacked

A crowd-pleaser, softly layered bob haircuts for thin hair with rounded edges (mostly razored for precision) flatter almost all face shapes. The underside is usually cut to slope downwards the neckline, which results in a graceful, almost sexy silhouette from the side and back. Fine hair gets a well-deserved push when molded in this cut, as the layers underneath help fatten up the overall look and give that coveted rounder shape.

bob haircuts for thin women blunt bangs
Military-straight bangs inject this look with a fashion-editor fierceness. Photo credit:

5. Blunt Bangs

Thin hair stays in shape better than thicker, more unruly hair, so a precision haircut such as a Cleopatra bob with bangs will be surprisingly easy to manage. Ask your stylist for bangs that end just at your browbone (higher, if you’re into the hot micro fringe trend), and lengths that lie just a bit past your lips. Upkeep is a cinch with some serum and a blowdryer, and don’t stress about having “helmet head:” the rounded, high-maintenance look is exactly why this looks fierce.

bob haircuts for thin hair curly
Pair this sweetly rumpled hairstyle with equally soft makeup. Photo credit:

6. Natural Waves

Women with wavy to curly strands can also have fun with bob haircuts for thin hair, provided they don’t go overboard with layering—you’ll only get more pouf than you bargained for. Your natural texture is enough to give your hairstyle the dimension and fullness it warrants, so instead, go in for a blunt, chin-length bob with little to no fringe, and style it with a side part and not much else. The effect is one part French ingénue and one part cherubic Model Off-Duty. Not a bad place to be!

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Eunice Lucero
Peace and hair grease, Eunice
17 February 2017