Bangs for Natural Hair: Foolproof Ways to Nail the Look

Alyssa François | 15 October 2016

Your guide to getting the curly bangs you want.

Women with curly hair are often told they should stay away from bangs because their curls may shrink up to awkward lengths, causing their fringe to look uneven. Yes, this can happen and it’s really annoying when it does, but with a few styling products and hair hacks, this a crooked fringe can be avoided. Hooray!

Ahead, we’ve rounded up five ways you can style a fringe on curly hair and how to achieve the look.

Get The Look: Bangs for Natural Hair

short hair looks afro
Add a bang to your signature ‘fro. Photo courtesy of Alyssa François

1. Full Frontal Bangs

The key to nailing a wash and go with bangs is to make sure you’re positioning your hair the way you want it to fall while it’s still wet. Post wash, rake some of the TRESemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse throughout your damp hair in the direction you want your hair to go. In this case, be sure you smooth the product throughout your bang area towards the front of your face. If needed, insert double prong clips to the root of your hair to keep the roots down while you dry your hair. Once dry, gently remove your curls and fluff your bangs with an afro pick to add volume.

side bangs natural hair
Swoop your bangs over and use a simple hair hack to keep them in place.

2. Side Bangs on Natural Hair

A style like this may need a simple hair hack if your curls have a mind of its own. To keep your hair tucked to the side create this side-swept bang style, position your hair to the side you prefer. Then, take the top section of your bangs and clip them out of the way. Place a bobby pin underneath that layer directly at the root to keep your hair in place. Unclip the top layer to cover your secret weapon.

best brown hair for your skintone
Give your curly bangs an edgy look with this trendy undone style. Photo credit:

3. Undone Fringe

The undone fringe seems like it’s pretty straight-forward. But like TRESemmé Lead Stylist, Orlando Pita said about the undone hairstyles from NYFW, “It’s good to have the ‘I just woke up like this’ look, but it still has to be the right look!” With that in mind, there is a science to scoring this busy fringe. To get the look, rough dry clean damp hair with a blowdryer and use a Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil to give your final look a bit of shine.

bangs natural hair pineapple
Cool way to fake a fuller fringe with the help of your updo.

4. Pineapple Updo with Bangs

First step to nailing this hairstyle: Check out our pineapple hair tutorial! Once you’ve got that down also check out how to wear a scarf. Now that you know how to do the two, you are golden! But not so fast! The scarf accessory is what’s keeping your bangs in place. Be sure to position your scarf over the cascading curls from your pineapple to give your curly fringe a fuller effect.

bangs on natural hair

5. Curtain Bangs on Natural Hair

Get this look with the help of a hair gel that doesn’t weigh your hair down like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel. Part your damp hair down the center of your bangs to create the curtain effect, then apply the gel from roots to ends. Use a hair diffuser to dry and done!

Try out more of our favorite ways to style natural hair? Check out two-side braid tutorial.

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