20 Short Black Hairstyles and Haircuts for Natural Hair

Cop some cute cropped styles to try this season.

There’s something undeniably chic and bold about short haircuts and styles in general, and something beautiful about cropped hairstyles for Black women in particular. Short Black hair is bold, beautiful, and elegant in a way that not all hairstyles are. Few looks fall into all of these categories at once and that’s what makes this look so unique. Read on for some standouts:

1. Wispy Pixie

cropped hairstyles for black women wispy pixie
Work with your thin and wispy texture.

Make your thin and wispy hair texture work for you and cut your hair into a wispy pixie. This cut shines on relaxed hair, so it’s perfect if you’ve been looking for a serious chop.

2. Curly Undercut

undercut curls on top
Pair your undercut with a head of curls.

This contrasting look gives you the best of both long hair and shaved sides. Let your curls run wild up on top and shave the sides of your style for the ultimate contrast. This is an absolute fave when it comes to short hairstyles for Black women.

3. Ultra Short

short black hair shaved
Go for the major shave, you won’t regret it! Photo credit: Kim Carpenter

Wear your curls cropped short for an ultra-chic look. This shaved look is bold and a must-try for anyone who has wanted to try an ultra short cut.

4. Tousled Curls

cropped hairstyles for black women tousled curls
Wear your curls messy.

Soften your style by wearing your curls tousled and messy. Achieve this style my by giving your curls the moisture they crave.

We love Suave Luscious Curls Curl Defining Cream for adding bounce and definition to curls. Plus, its light hold makes it great for achieving tousled curls.

5. Swooped Pixie

swooped pixie
Play with texture and length.

Give your pixie some edge and definition by styling the ends with Dove Amplified Textures Define N’ Moisture Styling Gel.

A little bit of this product goes a long way and just a touch with define the ends of your hair without weighing them down.

6. Blonde Pixie

short hairstyles for black women straight blonde pixie
Go light and bright.

Brighten up your relaxed hair by dyeing it a bright shade of bleached blonde. While bleached hair can be a big hair care responsibility, the color is definitely worth it. You can even bleach your hair at home if you’re up to the task.

7. Red Twists

cropped hairstyles for black women
Make a statement with color and texture.

Twist your hair out and transition into that red hair life by dyeing just the ends of your twists red. Red and warm tones, in general, are a trend this year, so this style would definitely one to try yourself.

8. Add a Headband

short hairstyles for black women red tones natural texture
Who says you can’t wear a headband with short hair?

Wrap a bandana around your short haircut to add some extra visual interest to your classic style. This accessory is perfect for cropped hairstyles for Black women, it adds a pop of color and style.

9. Gelled Curls

short hairstyles for black women red curls gelled
Style your curls with the right hair product and bring them to their full potential.

Run TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Cream through your hair when it’s still damp from your shower for perfectly gelled and defined curls.

This cream hydrates curls while fighting frizz, to give that soft and smooth finish you deserve. No crunchy texture, ever.

10. Mini Afro

cropped hairstyles for black women mini afro
Celebrate your curls.

Show off your curls by wearing them in an all-natural mini afro. Afros of all shapes and sizes are en vogue and going nowhere anytime soon. We love the flirty and playful shorter afro length, and it’s great for gals who can’t commit as much time to care for a longer length.

11. The Hard Part

short hairstyles for black women hard part curls
Borrow a styling trick from the guys.

Take a leaf out of the guys’ hairstyling book and ask your stylist for a hard part. This is one of the chicest short hairstyles for Black women, it’s clean and fierce.

12. Grown Out Pixie

short black hair growing out pixie
Make your style work as you grow it out.

Don’t worry about the awkwardness that sometimes comes with growing shorter hair out. Make your look intentional with this grown-out pixie.

13. Falling Curls

short hairstyles for black women falling red curls
Consider this sexy style.

Let your curls fall down onto your forehead for an easy, sexy look. Curly bangs are trending this season and this is a great style to give them a try.

14. Curly Bob

short hairstyles for black women curly bob
Wear your curls in a cute bob.

Wear your curls in a cute bob for a look that’s both chic and sweet. This length has been iconic for a reason, it’s easy to care for and provides so much more volume to your look–what’s not to love?

15. Curly Blonde

short hairstyles for black women
Wear your blonde curls closely cropped.

Wear your curls just long enough to show them off and highlight them even more with a bright shade of blonde hair color.

16. Chic Curls

short hairstyles for black women cropped curls
Ultra short is ultra chic.

Sometimes the chicest option is to cut your strands ultra short. Barely even there curls give off major high-fashion vibes, it brings all the attention right to your face and can create the illusion of a slimmer, more elongated look.

17. High Contrast

short hairstyles for black women contrast
Create a high contrast look with different textures and lengths.

Create a look that includes lots of contrast by incorporating different textures and lengths. Short hairstyles for Black women don’t mean it all has to be the same length!

18. Classic Afro

short hairstyles for black women classic afro
Why mess with a classic?

This classic afro shows off your natural curls in a beautiful way. Creating the perfect, big afro only takes 4 easy steps, why not give it a try?

19. Brushed Up

short hairstyles for black women brushed up
Add some height to your hair.

Brush your hair up into a gravity-defying style and hold it in place with a spritz of Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

This is a great product for cropped hairstyles for Black women because it has a lot of holds but doesn’t leave your hair crunchy.

20. Big Curls on Top

short black hair big curls
Go for a style that’s very top-heavy with the curls. Photo credit: Caique Silva

We love a curly, top-heavy cut. Focus the length and volume at the top of your style for a focus on your beautiful curls. Using your length on top will also give you that high fashion curly bangs style that everyone has been wanting to try.

There are so many cropped hairstyles for Black women to try. These cuts are all about saying ‘bye-bye’ to the long length and embracing your features with a super short cut. We know you’re going to love your cropped cut!

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