bang styles for fall tousled and long

Switch Up Your Look with these Trending Bang Styles for Fall

Have some fun with fringe this fall.

As the seasons begin to change, fashion trends start changing, too. This is an exciting time because we have the opportunity to switch up our style and go for a higher maintenance look for fall. Fall temperatures are less humid and hot than Summer, which means you don’t have to worry as much about frizz or sweating out your style. With this in mind, we are loving bang styles for fall! Go for the daring bang look during this coming season because it’s going to be on trend and easy to rock in cooler temps:

4 Bang Styles for Fall We’re Loving

bang styles for fall blunt baby bang
Go for clean line to make your bang style bold.

1. Blunt Baby Bangs

These bangs are bold and immediately draw attention to your face. This style is all about precision and clean lines, so make sure your hairstylist is up for the challenge! Short and blunt is going to be a major trend this season and what better way to embrace this style than with your fringe? You’re going to need to maintain this cut more than other styles since it will be easy to see when your bangs become longer and uneven, but it’s totally worth the upkeep.

bag styles for fall curtain bangs
These curtain bangs are soft and add texture to your look.

2. Curtain Bangs

We love curtain bangs as one of the softer bang styles for Fall. To achieve this look, request bangs that go slightly over your eyes and also taper from the center to the ends. This style gets its name since you’ll have to sweep your bangs to the side like a curtain to get your strands out of your eyes. When styling this look, use a round brush and a hair dryer to give your bangs a slight bend outward so that the structure of the “curtain” is set with heat. Use a dollop of TRESemmé One Step Styler Blow Out Balm prior to styling to give your look height and texture.

bang styles for fall faux bangs
If you don’t want to commit to bangs then go for the faux look! Photo credit:

3. Faux Bangs

We understand not wanting to fully commit to bangs but still wanting to frame your face with your hair. Faux bangs are the perfect compromise! Section off the hair at the front of your head and create a deep side part. Clip your hair to the other side and make sure some of the hair is draped across your forehead. Spray the root with Suave Max Hold Aerosol Hairspray to keep your fringe in place.

bang styles for fall tousled and long
A tousled look is sexy and sophisticated. Photo credit:

4. Long and Tousled Bangs

This is one of our favorite bang styles for Fall because it’s sexy, dramatic, and easy to style. Cut your fringe to be on the longer side to make this look extra sultry. When styling, use a touch of Nexxus Styling Maxximum Finishing Mist to get some hold. Once you’ve sprayed your bangs, use your fingers to gently comb through your bangs and create a piece-y and tousled effect.

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