Hairstyle Trends 2022: 22 Styles and Cuts that will be Huge This Year

Maybe it's time to go for the big chop this year?

We’re just about a fourth into the new year and we’ve already seen so many hair trends, like shades of brunette and half pigtails come and go. However, it’s exciting to see what trends are still around the corner and what we can expect to see throughout the rest of the year.

When looking at what hairstyles will be big in 2022, we’re seeing the laidback, effortless style carry into the new year, however, there’s a bit of a twist. Many of these looks focus on two opposites: a lot of texture or sleek and smooth. What both styles have in common though are the blunt cuts that accompany the texture. From blunt straight bobs to blunt layered looks, many of our favorite looks are getting an upgrade.

Keep scrolling to find out what hairstyles and haircuts will be trending in 2022.

Hairstyles Trends 2022: 22 Hairstyles and Haircuts for Next Year

Whether you’re finally going to make the leap and get bangs or you want to go for a big chop and try out a bob, there are such a wide variety of styles that we’ll be seeing a lot of next year.

1. Textured ’90s Layers

girl with textured layers
Layers work on any length of hair.

Textured layers are something we’ve seen added to so many haircuts and it doesn’t look like the style is going away anytime soon. One thing that’s so great about these layers is that they’re very movable and can be paired with short or long hair. So, really anybody can sport this style and it’s going to be one of the easiest hairstyle trends 2022.

2. Wispy Bangs

girl with wispy bangs
Wispy bangs are quickly replacing full bangs. Photo Credit: Benigo Hoyuela

It’s no secret that bangs have been having a major moment in the spotlight over the past year. We saw looks from blunt straight across fringe to the oh-so-popular curtain bangs that seemed to absolutely take over social media. We’ll still see fringe see 2022, it’s just going to be an opposite take.

Wispy bangs have recently gained popularity across TikTok, and we’re positive they’ll pick up even more throughout 2022. This piecey style is a nice alternative to the blunt looks we’ve been seeing. Plus, it’s a great option if you’re new to bangs and don’t want to commit to a bold look just yet.

3. Effortless Braids

girl with effortless braid
You don’t need a put-together look all the time.

The laid-back look is making its way into 2022, which isn’t a surprise. As more and more people ditch hot tools and become comfortable wearing their natural textured hair, we’re seeing this effortless, messy look a lot more.  These braids are just the right amount of put-together-meets-messy without being too disheveled.

5. Hairstyle Trends 2022: Brunette Hair Colors

girl with brunette hair
Go darker for the year.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen our favorite models and celebrities opt for medium brunette shades instead of the blonde balayage that was so popular.  This is most likely because people want to go darker during the winter, however, we can definitely see this trend carrying itself well into 2022. To achieve this color, ask your colorist for a chocolate brown hue.

We’re also big fans of this look because you won’t have to worry about the damaging effects of bleach that commonly come with blonde strands.

5. Blunt Bob

girl with blunt bob and bangs
Go for a sleek bob.

Remember those sleek and smooth styles we mentioned earlier? Well, this is it! Blunt bobs have always been a classic style, but lately many people across social media have been ditching their long luscious locks for a French-inspired bob. Hey, we can’t blame them! This look isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

6. Blunt Lobs

girl with blunt lob
This lob isn’t going away anytime soon.

So, maybe you aren’t feeling as short of a style as a bob? Try out a lob instead. This long bob is a modern take on trustee blunt bob, however, it’s becoming just like a classic of a style. We think this is a great option for anyone looking to go shorter in the new year but doesn’t want to have a bob.

7. 2022 Haircut Trends Female: Long Layered Haircut

irl with long layered hair
Long layers add movement to lengthy strands. Photo Credit: @bora_kalaj

Layers can completely transform a look. To no surprise, this is a common haircut technique that’s often added on lengthy strands. It helps add movement and creates shape in your haircut. If you’re wanting to sport a long length, but want to add a little excitement, ask your stylist to add long layers.

8. Textured / Shaggy Bob

girl with shag haircut
Add a shaggy look to a classic style.

The shag style was one of the most popular looks over the summer, and we’re still seeing this texture in the fall and winter. It’s no surprise that the shaggy look will continue into hairstyles trends in 2022. It’s exciting to see the texture paired with the short bobs.

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9 Long Bangs

girl with long bangs
Try out a longer bangs length.

Curtain bangs were easily the biggest fringe trend of 2021. We’re seeing this look carry into 2022 with a slightly longer style of fringe. This is a great style for anyone new to bangs because you’re able to keep them out of updos, but can also tuck them behind your ear if you want them out of your face.

To keep your look in place, use a hair spray like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Boost Hold Level 3 Hair Spray.

10. Hairstyle Trends 2022: Embracing Naturally Curly Hair

girl with naturally curly hair
Fully embrace your natural hair this year!

To go along with the popularity of the laidback look, so many people have begun to embrace their natural curly texture. Whether your hair is wavy, curly, or natural hair, avoiding the heat and letting your hair do what it wants has been a major trend and we only see this continuing into the hairstyle trends 2022.

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11. 70s TikTok Hairstyle Trends 2022

girl with 70s layered hair
Draw inspo from the ’70s next year.

Going along with the layered, shaggy look, 70s hair that has been dominating TikTok is sticking around next year. This flipped-out look can be worn on short or long hair, making it very versatile no matter what length you want to go for.

12. Textured Fringe

girl textured fringe
Don’t worry about having a straight fringe. Photo Credit: @erikast.pierre

Long gone are the days of perfectly straight and styled bangs. Thanks to everyone letting their natural texture shine through, bangs have been following along with this trend too. Before, so many people felt like they had to straighten their bangs even if they wore their hair curly. Now, people are letting their curls free even with their bangs, and we’re so happy about this trend!

13. Long Straight Strands

girl with long straight hair
Go for an easy 2000s straight look.

Drawing inspiration from the early 2000s, long and sleek straight strands have been slowly making a comeback, and we expect to see this look even more throughout 2022.

To keep your hair looking smooth use a finishing spray, like Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray.

14. 2022 Hair Color Trends: Chunky Highlights

girl with chunky highlights
Opt for chunky highlights.

We’ve been seeing more and more chunky highlights, but don’t worry. We’re going to guess you instantly thought of high contrast blonde and brunette styles that were popular in the early to mid 2000s. While this look is inspired by that, the colors aren’t nearly as drastic . This chunky highlights look incorporates shades that are closer together so it’s not such a high contrast look, but still offers dimension to the style.

15. Tendrils

girl with face-framing tendrils
Use tendrils to frame your face in an updo.

From face-framing braids to curls that delicately frame the face, tendrils have practically become a staple when doing an updo. We love this look because it’s very flattering when wearing a variety of updos.

16. Face-Framing Layers

girl with face-framing layers
Create a face-framing look with layers.

We bet this isn’t a surprise at all. Similar to long bangs that we’re sure to see more of in 2022, frame-framing layers are sticking around too. This look can be worn with multiple layers throughout the cut or just two pieces of hair that frame the face.

17. Cropped Natural Haircuts

girl with afro pixie
Go for a short cut. Photo Credit: John Holdezos

Since embracing your natural hair is definitely the look right now, why not opt for a cropped cut? This look is perfect for people wanting to start fresh and do the big chop.

18. Hairstyle Trends 2022: Effortless Waves

girl with effortless waves
Go for this easy look!

Effortless, messy waves are becoming almost a staple look at this point. They can be achieved with a flat iron or curling iron. Plus, they’re a lot quicker to do than curling your entire head of hair, however, you still get that texture.

19. Voluminous Curls

girl with voluminous curls
Create a voluminous look with a 1/4 inch curling iron.

Don’t have naturally curly hair? Hop on the texture look by creating voluminous curls throughout your hair. We first saw this look take-off when very skinny curling irons took over TikTok.

20. Mid-Length Cut with Layers

girl with mid-length haircut
A mid-length cut is perfect for any hair type.

What’s more classic than a layered mid-length cut? Whether you’re growing out a bob or want to take some length off the ends, this hairstyle trends for 2022 works for so many people.

21. Flipped Layers

girl with flipped-out layered hair
Combine 70s and 2000s trends to get this flipped-out layered look. Photo Credit: @lexyloveshair

This flipped-out layered look combines styles from the ’70s and early 2000s, which are both huge right now. We love how a blowout gives this look a modern twist too, instead of being a harsh flip like we’ve seen in the past.

22. Red Hair Colors

girl with red hair
Try out an auburn or copper hair color.

We arrived at the last hairstyle trends 2022. Incorporate shades of auburn and copper into your look for a vibrant and warm hair color. We’ve seen so many celebrities already embrace the trend this year.

From sleek, French-inspired bobs to shaggy, textured strands we’re seeing such a wide array of hairstyle trends in 2022.

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