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Raccoon Tail Hair is the Latest 2000s Trend Taking Over TikTok

The scene girl is making a comeback.

This year has faced its fair share of early 2000s trends. First, we saw chunky, face-framing highlights sweep their way across everybody’s For You Page in a plethora of colors. Then, our favorite models and celebs started sporting the “it girl” spiky bun. This style gave us all the vibes from our favorite childhood teen movies. The latest trend coming back? Raccoon tail hair.

Raccoon hair was the defining hairstyle of the emo scene kid. It was virtually impossible to scroll through Myspace without seeing someone show off this look in their newest mirror selfie (taken with a digital camera, of course). This two-toned look was usually comprised of black hair with lighter, horizontal chunky stripes, creating the raccoon tail effect. However, if you weren’t ready to take the plunge and dye your hair, you could easily find raccoon tail hair extensions at your local mall.

While we’re loving all of these 2000s trends that are making a comeback, we have to admit, we’re happy the scene kid look is getting a bit of an upgrade this time around.

Keep scrolling to find out how raccoon tail hair is coming back in a new way.

Raccoon Tail Hair Inspiration

From neon hues to natural-colored stripes, raccoon tail hair is making its reappearance in 2021 in a refreshing way. Scroll down to get color ideas dove your new look.

1. Reverse Raccoon Hair

raccoon tail hair black
Reverse the style by opting for black stripes. Photo Credit: @look_within_studios_msubia1

Raccoon hair is commonly seen as colored stripes on black hair, but why not switch it up? This refreshed approach to the look swaps the traditional look for a lighter blonde base filled with black stripes across.

2. Colorful Raccoon Striped Hair

girl with colorful raccoon hair
Be bold with the colors! Photo Credit: @weirdhair_

Want to go for a very bold look? Experiment with your look when trying out the raccoon tail hair trend by playing around with vibrant colors and different lengths throughout your style.

To keep your color looking bright, use Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner. We love how this set helps your color stay vibrant for up to 40 washes while also keeping your hair soft.

3. Orange Striped Hair

girl with orange raccoon striped hair
Try a look that has a high contrast between colors. Photo Credit: @adriandoeshairpdx


4. Raccoon Tail Hair Highlights

girl with raccoon hair highlight
Use this technique on a small section of hair. Photo Credit: @jaisalonandmedspa

Just because you want to try the raccoon tail hair trend doesn’t mean to needs to be all over your entire head. If you want to test it out or want a unique highlight that pops, try out a partial raccoon tail highlight.

You can try everything from classic black raccoon hair to updated, lighter variations. It doesn’t matter which variation you choose, this style is such an exciting way to play around with vibrant hues.

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