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Summer Mohawk: Keep Cool and Look Cool, Too

Mohawks are officially this Summer's must-wear style

The mohawk is coming back in style this Summer and we are too excited. We dare you to switch up your style with a Summer mohawk, it’s light and offers more protection from the sun than shaving your head completely. Not every mohawk is going to work for everyone, so it’s important to understand your hair type and styling capabilities before you begin to buzz. These summer mohawk styles are great for work but transition perfectly for an outdoor workout or day by the pool. We’ve also got some products that will help you style your Summer mohawk and keep it in place through sweat, sun and all of your summer activities.

Summer Mohawk Looks

summer mohawk fluffy mohawk
Keep your mane fluffy and wild with a little bit of build to give it that mohawk volume.

1. Fluffy Mohawk

This fluffy style is the perfect summer mohawk for those who have naturally fluffier/drier hair and have trouble using gels and pomades to maintain their hairstyles, especially in the summer heat. Keep your mohawk on the wider side and focus on keeping your sides shaved and clean to help the mohawk evident.

summer mohawk sculpted mohawk
Sculpt that ‘hawk!

2. Sculpted Mohawk

The sculpted mohawk is a great look for anyone who has thicker hair and is willing to maintain their shape and sculpted style. Use Dove Men + Care Medium Hold Molding Paste to add texture and sculpt your mohawk into place. This style is great for any outdoor sports, it keeps your hair out of your face and won’t budge if you break a sweat.

summer mohawk beard
A beard makes a nice pairing with a mohawk.

3. A ‘Hawk and a Beard

You best believe this style will be rocked at all of the outdoor concerts this summer. This is the ultimate hipster Summer mohawk. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you use Dove Men+Care Control Gel to create a slick and highly styled mohawk, it will contrast nicely with the ruggedness of your beard.

summer mohawk shaved
Keep it clean and short with a shaved mohawk.

4. Shaved

For those need a light summer mohawk, go the shaved route. So many guys will be rocking this look in the Summer. It’s too easy to maintain and requires no product.

summer mohawk curl
Class up your mohawk with a curled effect.

5. Comb-Over with a Curl

This look is one classy summer mohawk. It’s heavily reliant on a good pomade and some skill to create a comb-over and a curled/spiraled effect. We highly recommend using AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade to stay in control of your curl and its structure. We think this is the perfect style for any upscale events or weddings you may be attending this season.

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