5 Stylish Men’s Haircuts for Thick Hair

Stylish looks for thick-haired types.

While thick hair types tend to be blessed with natural volume and texture, finding the right haircut can be a bit tricky. Thick hair types should be encouraged to try styles that are light and weightless, as well as selecting cuts that show off their natural texture easily. If you still aren’t exactly sure what cut to choose, here are five different haircuts for thick hair types to try.

Haircuts for Thick Hair: 5 Styles That Rock

a textured pompadour is a great example of Haircuts For Thick Hair
A pumped-up pompadour shows off your thick texture easily. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Textured Pompadour

If your thick hair is full of volume, opting for a textured pompadour can help show off your natural texture easily. This funky look is ideal for someone with longer hair length, so if you are interested in this cut, ask your stylist to buzz the sides, keeping a good amount of hair on top. To style your pompadour, feel free to wear it sleek and styled. However, wearing it textured and wavy always makes for an on-trend look. To get a naturally undone feel, use the Bed Head For Men by Tigi Pure Texture Molding Paste on clean and damp hair to sculpt some imperfect waves. Finish with some hairspray to help seal your look.

Haircuts For Thick Hair include thick and curly styles.
A center part can change up your naturally curly style.

2. Long and Curly

If you are blessed with long, thick curls, there’s nothing wrong with showing off your natural texture. But if you are growing bored of wearing the same hairstyle daily, changing up your part gives a fun and easy twist on the look. Trying out a center part, for example, gives your look a polished and uncomplicated form of styling.

Haircuts For Thick Hair include floppy undercuts
A floppy undercut is daring and unexpected. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Floppy Undercut

An undercut can even work on medium-thick hair types, as a floppy undercut with buzzed sides can really take your hair to the next level. Like pompadours, this style can be worn textured and straight. Just make sure you have a good styling product on hand to achieve any kind of finish you choose.

Haircuts For Thick Hair include quiffs
An edgy quiff is perfect for thick hair types that want some breathing room.

4. Quiff

Like undercuts and pompadours, quiffs make a great style for those with thick hair, as it easily takes the bulk off the back of your head. However, quiffs are all about fade, so be sure to ask your stylist to buzz the back and sides of the head carefully. Styling your quiff is all about texture, so you’ll want to use a good volumizing product or gel that can give the top part of your style some lift. To get those playful spikes, use the Axe Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel to carefully mold your style into place.

Haircuts For Thick Hair include shaggy styles.
Shags give thick curls some beachy edge. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Edgy Shag

Shags are another great style for thick curly types, as they give hair a beachy vibe. To get the look, make sure and ask your stylist to layer your cut, adding in some bangs for maximum impact. And while this look usually requires next to no styling, feel free to use some mousse to help enhance your look.

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