Video: Wild Short Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

Serena Norr | 24 May 2016
go wild with short hairstyles for men with thick hair
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Go wild with your hair.

It’s ok, you can get wild with your hair. Those who have thick hair may always be searching for the best way to hone in on their style while maintaining and managing their hair. The key is to playing with your awesome texture where you can go big and bold, or very subtle. For some instant inspiration, check out how to go wild with short hairstyles for men with thick hair with some product advice and tips from this cool Instagroom video from Axe.

Short Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

Towel-dry your hair

Every great look starts with a proper wash and care system. Use a system that’s based on your hair type as you give your thick hair a massage in the process. Make sure to lightly towel-dry your hair afterwards. No tugging, please!

Use gel

The key to styled hair is using the right products. For that ‘wild’ look, we love gel as a way to mold and craft your style as you define your locks or straight hair. For this look all you have to do is squeeze out a dollop of gel and place it in the palm of your hands.

Try: Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel

Squeeze your hair

Now comes the fun part! Squeeze the hair gel into your hair as you work with the product and the natural texture in your hair to create your awesome wild hair. This can include big hair as you play with your curls, or something more tame for your work life. And who knows, this may just change from day-to-day.

How to do you tap into your wild side?

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