Popular Asian Men Hairstyles

Serena Norr | 24 April 2016

Get inspired by these awesome hairstyle ideas.

Gone are the days when Asian men have to succumb to somewhat stereotypical haircuts and hairstyles. Asian men hairstyles generally have thick texture and typically jet black strands where you can have fun with your look as you tap into your modern and personal style. Whether you want to go long or try out a new short ’do, check out our list of some popular Asian men hairstyles to inspire your new look.

Asian Men Hairstyles

Asian Men Hairstyles asian mohawk haircut
Really cool asian mohawk haircut.

1. Spiked Mohawk

We love this rebellious, yet put-together style that will work really well on Asian hair. Use your thick locks to your advantage as you sculpt the right length. You can also increase the edge factor of this look by shaving the back and sides of your hair. Keep that hawk together with some pomade, like the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste

2. Buzz Cut

Those who want a low-key look should opt for the buzz cut. You don’t have to deal with much maintenance and your cool thick strands peek through.

3. Man Bun

Luscious Asian hair is the perfect candidate for going long. When your long locks get in the way, keep them together by creating a messy (or neat, your choice) man bun.

4. Tapered Quiff

Stay on trend with one of the most popular men’s styles out there by rocking a tapered quiff. Since Asian hair is generally straight, you can have fun with styling it by having volume on top, and less hair on the back and sides. Use some of the Bed Head by TIGI Hard Head Hairspray to lock in your style.

5. Caesar Cut

Another great option for straight hair, the Caesar style is personified by its square-like bangs that sit on the front of your head, followed by short fringes on the side and back of your head. Popular in the ’90s, you can play with your texture (and varying lengths) with this look to create a modern and stylish update.

6. Pompadour

You heard it here first: The Asian pompadour is going to be the next big thing. An unexpected look for Asian men, we think it’s a great way to play with your thick texture as you embrace a modern style. Hold onto this style by using some of the Axe Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel whose formula can help you to create structured looks that’ll have some serious holding power.

7. Fade Cut

Another popular ’do, Asian men can have fun with this look where they can play with the right amount of fade. Those looking for more of a clean cut might want to opt for a little more hair on the back and sides to balance out the top part of your hair.

8. Side-Swept K Pop 

Channel your inner pop star with this look that’s all about trim sides and angled bangs that go across the face. Use some styling cream, like the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gelto make sure that this look stays in place all day long.

Which of these Asian men hairstyles are you excited to try?

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