korean wavy hairstyle final look

K-Drama Swag: The Popular Korean Wavy Hairstyle for Men You Can Do in 4 Easy Steps

This simple yet statement-making look gets its inspiration from your fave Korean dramas.

Here at All Things Hair, we’re no strangers to the K-Wave. We’ve seen our share of Korean guys—mostly in Korean dramas and series—sporting a wide variety of hairstyles and hair colors. Taking inspiration from these celebrities and artists, men now have a chance to break away from the classic barber’s cut and go for a Korean wavy hairstyle for men.

The Korean wavy hairstyle for men is definitely one of the most popular looks in pop culture today. While this is a tame style to start out with, it’s a good way to channel those K-Drama leading men vibes. Keep reading for inspiration!

How to: Korean Wavy Hairstyle for Men


Freshen your scalp.

Keep hydrated in this sweltering heat with Suave Men 2-in-1 Ocean Charge Shampoo + Conditioner. Its menthol formula leaves a nice cooling sensation that not only feels refreshing, but also helps fight dandruff. 

korean hairstyle prep

Give hair some volume.

Use a small, rounded brush to brush your hair back while blowdrying it. This way, you start off with more volume. Your hair then becomes nice and fluffy—perfect for styling!

korean wavy hairstyle volume

Make those Korean waves.

Part your hair into left and right sections, with more strands on one side for an asymmetrical look. Take a small section of your hair, and roll it backward with your small rounded brush while blowdrying it. Create Korean waves by repeating this on all sections of your hair. 

#HairHack: apply styling putty on your hair to make the waves last longer. Try using Dove Men+Care Control Gel

Korean wavy hairstyle create waves




You've done it.

See how fast that was? You’re now ready to rock those waves and have every pair of admiring eyes on you!

korean wavy hairstyle final look

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