12 Cool Summer Hairstyles That’ll Have You Foregoing Your Ponytail

Step away from the ponytail.

Do you suffer from IWMPE, a.k.a the I wear my ponytail everyday syndrome? This is a real thing, and has been plaguing those with long hair for years. Not only that, women have been using the ponytail hairstyle as a way to play it safe, not deal with their hair textures and simply because they feel this may be the only hairstyle that takes about five minutes to create. We’re here to demand that you step away from the ponytail and get in on all of the cool summer hairstyles you’ve been missing out on. From braided updos to wash-and-go curls, here are some of our favorite cool hairstyles for you to try.

Cool Summer Hairstyles That’ll Have You Foregoing Your Ponytail

cool summer hairstyles bow bun

1. Bow Bun

If you’re extremely bored of the ponytail, transition into a hairstyle that reads f-u-n! This bow bun hairstyle can be done on any hair texture. Try this cool hairstyle out, whether you have box braids or straight hair.

cool summer hairstyles braided updo

2. Braided Updo

Do updos fall underneath the cool summer hairstyles category? They sure do, especially when there are braids involved. Got a formal event to attend? Switch out your safe ponytail for this braided updo. To get the look, create low single plaits, and then pin them up until you get the braided look you desire.


cool summer hairstyles space buns

3. Space Buns

Why should you try a blast from the past like space buns? Simple: They’re fun, cool, quirky and are anything but your everyday pony. Split your hair into two ponytails then create two neat buns on each side. Rub some of the Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil onto the base of your hair for added shine.

cool summer hairstyles boxer braids

4. Boxer Braids

Ditch your pony for a hairstyle that’s reigning supreme at the moment like boxer braids. To get the look, part your hair down the center and create a cornrow plait on each side. Get ready to be ‘grammed!

cool summer hairstyles french twist

5. French Twist

If you fancied your ponytail hairstyle because it was a cool way to show off your earring game and other piercings, opt for this French twist hairstyle instead. Wanna’ get the look? Check out our French twist tutorial.

cool summer hairstyles split crown braid

6. Split Crown Braid

Say you have a fun event on your agenda like a summer festival… do you really think your ponytail is going to nail the look? Perhaps not. Try out festival-friendly hairstyle like this split crown braid.

cool summer hairstyles double chignon

7. Double Braid Chignon

Several reasons why we all love ponytails: they’re easy, quick and versatile. However, ponytails aren’t the only quick and versatile hairstyles out there. The next time you need a hairstyle that matches the reason why you love ponytails, try out this braided chignon look.

cool summer hairstyles victory rolls

8. Victory Rolls

This year, retro hairstyles were trending on the runway. Trade your ponytail for a stylish (and one of the trendiest) cool summer hairstyles that have a vintage-inspired feel: Victory rolls. Don’t forget to finish your ‘do with a hairspray that will keep your look in place like TRESemmé TRES TWO Freeze Hold Hairspray.

cool summer hairstyles all over curls
Go for stylish curls and free your hair from your ponytail. Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography

9. All-Over Curls

Give your long hair some spotlight by releasing your tendrils from a stuffy ponytail. Create soft curls all around with a curling iron. Be sure to use a heat protectant before you do! We like TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Spray for its ability to fight off damage caused by our favorite heat styling tools.

cool summer hairstyles natural hair

10. Natural Curls

Many girls with naturally curly hair often hide their texture and curls by wearing a ponytail hairstyle on a daily basis. Their excuse? Oftentimes, it’s that their hair takes too long to style. Learn to love your hair! Want a cool way to embrace it? Try out our super easy wash-and-go tutorial.

cool summer hairstyles halo braid
Ideal for looking stylish as you do your headstands. Photo credit: Dvora

11. Halo Twist

Ponytails are one of the best hairstyles to try for protective styling and during one’s transition to their hair’s natural texture. But it isn’t the only option that’s out there and, when worn often and too tightly, ponytails can wreak havoc on your hairline. Give it a rest with this dreamy halo twist. To get the look, flat twist hair all around your hairline and secure with hairpins.


cool summer hairstyles scarf
A fun, peppy printed scarf elevates the look. Photo credit: Dvora

12. Scarves

If you find it hard to step away from the ponytail, don’t fret. Ease your way into trying out new ways to update your ponytail first. Use a scarf accessory to add a stylish touch to your look. Check out our favorite ways to tie a scarf.

Which of these cool summer hairstyles are you going to try to kick your ponytail to the curb?

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