Accessorize Your Hair: 5 Stylish Ways To Wear A Scarf

Add some stylish flair to your hair with a scarf.

No matter the season, there are a number of ways you can play around with your hairstyles with the use of hair accessories. Right now, we’re loving the scarf trend that even works in the summer as a way to keep your hair in place and sweat in-check! And depending on the way it’s styled, a scarf can update or downplay your entire look. You can wear it bandit style to create some edge, or wear it like a turban for a cool bohemian feel. A scarf can work for a variety of hair types and textures, all while creating a look that’s distinctly your own. Whichever fits your style, we’ve got some scarf-inspiration for you! Here are five sartorial and street-style friendly ways to wear a scarf.

5 Ways To Wear a Scarf



turban scarf with-bangs ways to wear a scarf
One of the most stylish ways to wear a scarf is by styling it into a turban.

Way 1: The turban

Go for a bohemian feel by tying your scarf into a turban. You can opt for tucking all of your hair underneath or leaving your bangs out. To tie, fold your scarf into a triangle, then place the wider part of the fold at the back of your head and bring the ends of the scarf towards the front. Twist the ends then coil it into a knot. Tuck any loose ends of the scarf underneath your turban.

ways to wear a scarf natural hair
Update your natural hair poof with a printed scarf. Also a great technique for keeping your edges and flyways tamed. Photo credit: Dvora

Way 2: The hair tie

Give your natural hair poof hairstyle a trendy update with a fun printed scarf. To style, fold a medium size scarf into a triangle. Place the larger part of the fold at the back of your hair then secure the ends tightly at the front. You can also use the scarf technique as a ponytail holder for your poof. Simply tie as tight (and as comfy) as you can at the front. Slide the scarf upwards until your poof is where you like it then tie again to secure. Isn’t this so cute?

ways to wear a scarf accessory side knot
Edgy yet fun bandit inspired style.

Way 3: The bandit inspired look

Go for an edgy and cool vibe by drawing inspiration from the bandit style. Fold your scarf diagonally in half, then fold again to create a thick headband. Tie the ends to the front side of your head. Opt for wearing your bangs out or hidden with this look. Either way, you choose looks great!

ways to wear a scarf roped ponytail
Super creative and neat way to get in on the braid trend. Photo credit: Dvora

Way 4: The braided scarf 

This has got to be one of our favorites this season! Weave a scarf into your braid for a stylish update. Bend your scarf in half so you have two even sections. Loop the bend around the base of your ponytail then start to braid your hair with the scarf included. To secure the braid, tie the ends of the scarf into a knot.

ways to wear a scarf long hair
Use a scarf to keep hair down on a windy day, or just to add a stylish touch to your hairstyle.

Way 5: The headband

Add some flair to your long hairstyles with a vintage inspired scarf. Comb hair down, spritz with some hairspray like Suave Professionals Flexible Control Hairspray to keep your hair in place before placing your fabulous accessory. Fold scarf diagonally to create a triangle then fold a few times to make it thinner. Place the scarf at the back of your hair and bring the ends forward. Twist the scarf ends at the front of your hair to create a loop, then bring the ends to the back of your hair and tie into a knot to fasten.

Have you ever worn a scarf in your hair? Will you try these cute ways to wear a scarf?

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