13 Reasons Why Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair Are (Still) the Jam

We're hot for these ways to wear long hair in warmer weather.

Believe it or not, summer will soon be arriving in full force. Long sunny days are ahead, and we’re starting to think about all of the hairstyles we’ll wear throughout the season. In our excited anticipation for warmer days, we created this collection of summer hairstyles for long hair. We’ve got braids, updos, and the beach waves of your dreams lined up for you. Ready to dive into a season of suntans and pool parties? Us, too. Read on for a full collection of summer hairstyles for long hair:

1. Sleek and Straight

summer hairstyles for long hair sleek straight
Looking for the easy summer hairstyles for long hair? Use the right combination of hair products for this sleek style.

Let this summer be the year you wear your strands sleek and straight all season long. If sleek and straight seem like a contradiction to the ever-present humidity that messes with your hair in the summer months, then you need to invest in a shine cream. Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Cream will give your hair that extra boost of sleek shine you’re looking for.

2. Silky Waves

summer hairstyles for long hair silky waves
The long silky strands you always dreamed of.

Moisture is key when you’re aiming to create a silky style. Use Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Shampoo and Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner during the summer months to give your strands a strong shot of moisture.

3. The Floral Dream

summer hairstyles for long hair side part half back
Tuck your hair back with a blooming flower.

Nothing says summer like a fresh flower tucked behind your ear. Pin your hair back with a bobby pin and tuck a flower into the style for an added summery touch.

summer hairstyles for long hair side part brushed waves
Get yourself a styling routine that can do it all.

4. The Most Versatile Waves

summer hairstyles for long hair messy space buns
Take your beach waves to another level.

Braid your damp hair into three-strand braids to create these overnight waves. They look beautiful when worn down and can be styled and restyled over the next few days, too.

5. Textured Space Buns

summer hairstyles for long hair loose low bun
Make your summery strands evening-ready.

Wrap your second or third-day wavy strands into textured space buns. Summer is the time to experiment with fun and flirty hairstyles.

6. The Evening Edit

summer hairstyles for long hair long loose natural
Pack the hot tools away until winter rolls around again.

This is an easy way to make your hair evening-ready after a long day spent laying out on the beach. Simply gather your waves up into a chic low bun.

7. Keep It Natural

summer hairstyles for long hair easy long waves
There’s no limit to the number of ways you can style these waves.

This is the season of air-drying your hair and leaving the hot tools packed away in the back of your beauty closet. Let your natural texture do all the talking, and save your more elaborate styling routines for the colder winter months.

8. The Easiest Waves

woman wavy hair
Use your curling wand to create the perfect curls.

Wrap your strands around a large barrel curling iron and hold them there for 20 to 30 seconds at a time. The results will be laid-back oversized waves that can be worn down or pinned up in whatever style catches your mood.

9. All Done Up

summer hairstyles for long hair brunette three strand braid hat
Pull out your sick braiding skills just in time for the heat.

Looking for something a bit more formal? Whether you have a summer wedding coming up or you’re just a ‘curl your hair on a daily basis kind of girl, this is the look for you. Use your curling wand to create a fancy waved style fit for any occasion.

10. The Braid Days

braided updo
Beat the heat with this easy braided updo.

Cool off by keeping your hair off your neck. Pull your strands into a three-strand braid that cascades down one shoulder, and use a wide-brim hat to keep the sun at bay.

11. Beat the Heat

summer hairstyles for long hair long straight hat
Invest in the right accessories for those days when you just can’t.

You will want to beat the heat the easiest way possible when temperatures start to rise. Create a regular French braid but instead, if braiding the tail to the very end, tuck it in underneath the base of the style. You’ll be left with a beautiful, voluminous braided updo.

12. Summer-Friendly Accessories

summer hairstyles for long hair beach wave natural blonde
Skip the products and go for the classic style.

Invest in some on-trend summer accessories for those days when you don’t want to do any styling at all.

13. The Original Beach Wave

Skip the gimmicks and products and opt for the original beach wave – the natural texture your hair gets from the sun and salt water.

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