15+ International Women’s Month Quotes About Hair Identity from Our ATH Editors Around the Globe

What does your hair mean to you?

March is officially International Women’s Month, and as we continue celebrating, we at All Things Hair thought it’d only be right to talk to our editors across the globe about their relationship with their hair. We present you inspiring International Women’s Day Quotes about our editors’ feelings toward their hair, self-love, and hair identity. Take time to reflect on these questions and how you would answer them.

Your hair is one of the easiest and best ways to express yourself physically, so strengthening your relationship with your hair is crucial! Finding ways to show yourself love every day is the goal, so if you need some help finding where to start, we suggest showing your hair some TLC and styling it your fave way. Keep reading for some major inspo from our talented editors.

How often do you wear your hair natural?

International Women's Day Quotes Fernanda
Fernanda Kuri, All Things Hair Mexico.

Quite often, especially in the past year. I used to style my hair with hot tools, now I even bought a styling foam for air-dry waves! I want to enhance my texture. -Fernanda Kuri, All Things Hair Mexico.

Practically every day I wear my hair naturally. I only use heat on it a few times a month. -Caitlin Reddington, All Things Hair US.

International Women's Day Quotes caitlin
Caitlin Reddington, All Things Hair US.

Almost every day! I usually let my hair dry naturally, but when I’m doing a Livestream on a weekend, or when I’m recording a video for my YouTube channel, I blow-dry my hair to make it look smooth and to give it a nice bounce. -Katherine Lopez All Things Hair Philippines.

International Women's Day Quotes amra
Amra Markic, All Things Hair UK.

While I’ve been in quarantine, I’ve worn it natural nearly every day! I usually wear wigs and protective styles like box braids, but I haven’t been able to get my hair done as salons are closed. -Amra Markic All Things Hair UK.

If you are focusing on wearing your hair natural, give it a boost with an air-dry product that will get rid of frizz.

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International Women’s Day Quotes About Which hairstyle empowers you most?

iwd 2021 miriam
Miriam Herst-Stein, All Things Hair US.

I feel most empowered with lots of volume in my hair. My hair is naturally thick and wavy and embracing that part of my DNA and heritage makes me feel most myself and most empowered. -Miriam Herst-Stein, All Things Hair US.

A low bun always makes me feel put together and formal.  -Olga Nebodezhkina, All things Hair Russia.

International Women's Day Quotes olga
Olga Nedobezhkina, All Things Russia.

I feel the most empower when I do a top knot. There’s something about this hairstyle that reminds me of the Samurai. I love how it shows my face, accentuates my bone structure, and takes the hair out of my

International Women's Day Quotes milena
Milena Prinzi, All Things Hair US.

face. I usually wear this hairstyle when I go to industry events and need to be fierce. -Milena Prinzi All Things Hair US.

I love long box braids and feel that they empower me the most, they make me feel so in touch with my culture and are so versatile to style. They are also protective, which is the best thing about them! -Amra Markic.

If you knew you’d never be judged what would your dream hairstyle be?

If I wouldn’t be judged and I had the bone structure for it, I would rock a pixie.-Miriam Herst-Stein.

I’d wear a bob forever! Or pastel hair, maybe pink or lilac. -Fernanda Kuri.

iwd 2021 soe
Soe Kabbabe, All Things Hair US.

Natural red hair with long, loose waves! I’m convinced I was born with the wrong hair color! My hair is light brown but I dye it auburn. -Soe Kabbabe All Things Hair US.

I love two side ponys. I like how childish and girly this style is, but at the same time radiates strength. It’s an “I don’t care what do you think of ME style.” I admire when women wear it with leather accessories, dark clothing, and hard styling.

iwd 2021 katherine
Katherine Lopez, All Things Hair Philippines.

I love the mixture of soft and hard. It looks great on other women, but I’m working on believing that it looks great on me too. -Milena Prinzi.

I would color my hair purple, whether as streaks or as peek-a-boo highlights. I think purple goes well with my naturally dark hair, so the result will be a quirky but also quite sophisticated look. -Katherine Lopez.

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Do you feel your hair is a strong part of your identity?

iwd 2021 erin
Erin Mizuta, All Things Hair Brasil.

Yes! Despite having different lengths, styles, and colors, my hair always shows that I’m half Asian – and specifically that, not totally Asian. I love it! It’s part of who I am and my family’s history. -Erin Mizuta, All Things Hair Brasil.

My hair is a huge part of my identity. As an Orthodox Jewish married woman, I cover my hair with a wig or scarf when I leave my house. This choice reminds me of my commitment to my marriage and my religion and the belief that hair is holy. When I’m home, I uncover my hair, spray some dry shampoo for volume, and wear it naturally wavy. My hair reminds me of my heritage and the legacy of a long line of Jewish women before me both when it’s covered and when I’m wearing it out at home. -Miriam Herst-Stein.

iwd 2021 marisa
Marisa Haber, All Things Hair US.

Absolutely! Everyone always comments on my auburn hair and red highlights. It’s a trademark of mine and it’s the reason that I have never colored my hair. I’ve loved embracing my natural color and appreciating how unique it is! -Marisa Haber, All Things Hair US.

Yes! My hair matches my mood, so whenever I’m feeling discouraged I try to color it or style it. Having great hair is more than a trendy hairstyle. It empowers me to be and feel better. -Soe Kabbabe.

We hope hearing from our hair experts at All Things Hair helps you reflect on what you love about your hair! Working on inner and outer self-love is so important, and one of the easiest places to start is with your hair.

Hair is an amazing way to express yourself, so never hold back on creating looks that speak to you and make you feel your best. Even though International Women’s Day is only one day, it’s important to show yourself love and express yourself all 365 days of the year. Happy IWD 2021!

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