The Best Volumizing Mousse for Every Hair Issue

Hair mousse has us texturizing like the pros.

The best volumizing mousse is a curious thing: Some of us may feel like we’ve skipped its generation entirely, coming of age in the time of sea salt sprays and dry shampoo. Those of us who’ve grown up with it sometimes opted to keep a respectful distance—if you didn’t have curls that needed zshuzhing or had a blowout as part of your daily glam, you sat down. There was no room for even the best volumizing mousse in a minimalist’s routine, it seemed like. It was a grownup product for women who didn’t just swear by wash-and-wear; it was for women who had it together and loved the process of expertly working every angle.

Thankfully, mousse has evolved out of any stuffy associations it had back in the ’80s and into a modern-day, more accessible styling essential.

Below, we list down the best volumizing mousse for the most common hair issues we’ve encountered that could use the help of this hardworking hair product. Read on to get inspired:

1.  Fine/Limp Volumizing Hair Mousse

best volumizing mousse for fine hair
Fine hair benefits from a product that imparts hold, polish, and structure for hours on end. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Fine hair that’s prone to going limp at any time needs a product with hold. Choose something that moisturizes as it controls. This will help you avoid that dreaded dry, crunchy feel—and something that keeps that hard-earned updo slaying till after hours. TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Mousse does the above and is still amenable to being layered on for added texture and body.

For those looking for a full day’s worth of structure and fullness, look no further than Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse: It provides 24-hour body and bounce without any uppity stiffness, which is clutch for an everyday type of glamour.

To use: Apply a tangerine-sized amount of foam onto your dampened medium-length/long hair. For a polished updo, proceed to blow-dry with a round brush.

2. Volumizing Hair Mousse for Frizzy Hair

best volumizing mousse for frizzy hair
Humidity-resistance is key! Photo credit: Dvora

The best mousse for frizz-prone hair is one that’s also humidity-resistant, so we’ve found one for you. No, seriously: Check your labels, as most formulations that battle this common concern are explicit about it on their claims. Also, a foam that cares for your strands may not have been the norm 30 years ago, but nowadays it’s a non-negotiable. Dove Curls Defining Mousse will lock in that definition in no time.

3. Crunch-Free Hair Mousse

best volumizing mousse for curls
Define curls without the crunch. Photo credit:

On textured hair, creating a definition without having it look hard or crunchy was also a challenge we faced back in the day. Therefore, the best hair mousse that doesn’t leave a crunchy cast is vital. (Remember those greasy-looking, onion-ring spirals? Yeah, never again.). If you’re in the market for the best mousse to keep your curls separated while also retaining some semblance of softness, consider something that offers a natural buoyancy. Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus, apart from giving a natural body and volume, is also humidity-resistant for extra frizz protection.

These are some of the best hair mousses of 2021. Which will you try?

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