Air Dried Hairstyles: Break Free and Embrace Your Hair Au Naturel

Say goodbye to hot tools, it's all about your air-dried texture!

With International Women’s Day being celebrated this month, March is all about feeling powerful and comfortable in your own skin and hair. While we love trying out new hairstyles and curling methods, we also believe it’s so important to be comfortable sporting air dried hairstyles with your natural hair.

Whether you have a bit of texture or have stick-straight strands, there’s no reason why you should feel like you can’t show-off your natural hair. It may take a little trial and error to find the best products that work for you, but we’re here to help!

Keep scrolling to read our tips on showing off your natural texture and air-dried hairstyles.

Air Dried Hairstyles are the New Perfect Curls

Air-Dried Hairstyles are the New Go-To Look

air-dried hairstyles graph
How many women like to wear their hair natural.

As part of International Women’s Day, we asked 1,000 women how often they wear their hair natural, and 77.60% of people said they always do. Now that many of us have more casual styles, it’s no surprise that wearing your hair natural is the preferred style for a majority of women.

Tips for Air Drying Hair

1. Avoid Touching Your Hair

air-dried hairstyles
Try to not touch your hair while air-drying it.

Once you’ve applied your product after getting out of the shower, avoid touching your hair. We know this can be super difficult to do, but it’s very important. Your hair is most vulnerable when wet, so increased touching can promote breakage and create extra, unwanted frizz.

2. Use The Right Product

air-dried hairstyles product
Using the right product for your hair type is key.

Many of us know by now that hair products can work wonders. Just by applying a certain, cream, mousse, or oil, you can totally change how your hair feels and looks when it’s air-dried. Check out our favorite products for air-dried hairstyles below.

3. Use a Microfiber Towel

air-dried hairstyles towel
Remove excess water with a microfiber towel instead of terrycloth.

A traditional towel can be very rough on your hair and lead to breakage or unwanted frizz. A microfiber towel is much more gentle on your strands. Use the towel to squeeze out excess water, but make sure to not rub your hair because that can cause damage.

Our Favorite Products for Air Dried Hairstyles

When wearing air-dried hairstyles, most people will want some product to enhance and support their style. Find out favorite picks below!

Suave Air Dry Cream Heat Free Styler

This heat-free styler is perfect for anyone with naturally frizzy, wavy, or curly hair. This cream helps tame frizz and enhances the natural texture of your hair without weighing it down. Plus, we love how the product is formulated with an Amino Acid Complex, which helps soften and protect strands.

Apply this product on damp hair from the root through the ends of your hair, work the product into your hair, and then you’re good to go! Individually finger twist pieces of hair for added texture.

TRESemmé Air Dry No Blow Dry Cream

This is another one of our favorite products for air-dried hairstyles. It helps tame frizz and flyaways, and it’s great for any hair type. Apply the product evenly on damp hair, comb through, and then let your hair air dry. It really is that easy to achieve a natural look at home.

Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse

Many times people shy away from mousse and aren’t quite sure how to use it. When it comes to air-dried hairstyles, mousse can be a very helpful product! We love this one in particular because it’ll help tame frizz while giving your air-dried look an extra boost of volume and hold.

To apply mousse, spray an egg-size amount into your hand and work through your hair from roots to tips. For more volume concentrate on your roots, and for added definition lightly scrunch or finger girl pieces to enhance your natural texture, then brush through your hair.

Suave Professionals Castor Oil and Mango Butter Leave-In Styling Butter

While air dry creams and mousse can be used in natural hair types, sometimes certain types need an extra dose of moisture when achieving an air-dried hairstyle, which is why we love this leave-in styling butter. This product is perfect for anyone with natural hair who wants defined curls with loads of moisture.

After washing, apply this product on damp hair and work it evenly starting at the root and going through the ends of your hair. Now all that’s left to do is wait for your hair to dry, it’s so easy to use!

Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5-in-1 Invisible Hair Oil

If you have very fine or thin hair, simply using just a hair oil may work best for you. We love this lightweight oil because it provides extra nourishment, frizz protection, smoothness, shine, and even color protection!

To use this oil, apply a small amount on damp hair starting at the midshaft and working through your ends. You can apply more if necessary, but it’s always best to start with too little. Then brush through your strands and you’re all set!

Our Favorite Air Dried Hairstyles

Need some inspo? Check out our favorite air-dried hairstyles for a variety of hair types.

1. Air-Dried Hairstyles: Waves

air-dried hairstyles wavy hair
Create waves while air-drying your hair.

If you want to play around with your texture, french braid your hair while it’s still wet and let it dry for a day. When you remove the braid, you’ll be left with gorgeous waves!

2. Accessorize with a Headband

Air-Dried Hairstyles Headband
Dress up your natural texture with a headband.

Dress up your hair with a headband.

3. Try a Shag Cut

air-dried hairstyles shag
A shag cut gives you a lot of movement!

This trendy cut is perfect for easy air-dried hairstyles. The variation in many layers will create extra body and movement, which is perfect when air-drying strands.

4. Opt for Layers

air-dried hairstyles layers
Add long layers for more body and movement when your hair air-dries.

If a shag cut isn’t your thing, ask your stylist for long layers. This will give you the same body and movement benefits, but you won’t have a coppy effect and such a drastic change between each layer.

5. Half-Updo

air-dried hairstyles half updo
You can’t go wrong with this effortless style.

Show-off your natural hair with a piecey half-updo!

6. Air-Dried Hairstyles: Wash-and-Go

air-dried hairstyles wash and go

If you have natural hair, you may be already familiar with the popular wash-and-go style. This hairstyle is perfect for any natural-haired ladies who want an easy and efficient styling routine.

7. Add Hair Clips

air-dried hairstyles wavy hair

Hair clips are the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face while wearing it down, so you’re still able to show off your beautiful texture.

Whether you have sleek fine hair, wavy textured strands, or natural curls, wearing an air-dried hairstyle is a great way to feel more confident, especially while celebrating International Women’s Day.

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