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Cottagecore Hairstyles: What is it + 5 Styles You Need to Try

If you’ve taken a scroll through Instagram or TikTok recently there’s probably one trend you’ve seen pop-up a whole lot more than others: Cottagecore. We’ve especially been loving cottagecore hairstyles that have been coming out of this trend.

Keep scrolling for inspiration, so you can start showing off some cottagecore hairstyles:

What is cottagecore?

Breaking it Down

If you haven’t heard of cottagecore or maybe you have an idea of what it is, but aren’t completely sure how to join in on the trend, we got you covered!

Cottagecore is a style aesthetic associated with puff-sleeve maxi dresses, floral prints, and a romanticized countryside lifestyle with a vintage feel. The cottagecore hairstyles associated with this trend are often on the more simple and effortless side.

You’ll find a lot of loose curls and waves, half-updos, braids, and accessories. You know all of those ribbons, bows, and bandanas that have been popping up in-stores, now is their time to shine! Cottagecore hairstyles are all about accessories, and even incorporating flowers into the style too.

Cottagecore Hairstyles to Try Out

1.  Cottagecore Hairstyles: Half-Updo with a Bow

cottagecore hairstyles
Add a bow to your half updo! Photo Credit: @beautyybychloe

One of the most popular cottagecore hairstyles is a simple half-updo with either a bow or ribbon. This style is often worn with curled hair, so we love using a hair spray like Nexxus Weightless Style Ultra Light Hair Spray to lock curls in place. We love this spray because it holds your style all day while still keeping your hair soft and moveable.

2. French Braid

cottagecore hairstyles french braid
Go for a simple braid.

Sometimes it’s best to go back-to-basics, just like many cottagecore hairstyles do. A classic french braid is another way you can start incorporating touches of this aesthetic into your style. Ever since we saw this style on many celebrities over the summer, fans of cottagecore have gravitated towards it too.

3. Baby Bangs

cottagecore hairstyles baby bangs
Try an indie approach with baby bangs.

The whole cottagecore aesthetic takes a little bit of inspiration from indie styles that are more unique and vintage-inspired. Que the baby bangs! This fringe style is back and often paired with these trendy hairstyles.

4. Cottagecore Hairstyles with Flowers

cottagecore hairstyles flowers
Add flowers to any style.

Whether you have natural, straight, long, or short hair, you can take part in this cottagecore hairstyle: floral accessories! Incorporating flower clips and pins into your updos or curls is huge when it comes to achieving a cottagecore hairstyle.

5. Braided and Accessorized Bun

cottagecore hairstyles braided bun
Perfect way to accessorize!

Braid, buns, and floral hair accessories? Sounds like the perfect combination to us! Before putting your hair in an updo, use TRESemmé Smooth Dry Spray Oil to help tame any frizz before braiding.

6. Brushed Out Curls

cottagecore hairstyles brushed out curls
Embrace your natural hair texture.

When going for a cottagecore hairstyle, you want to go for a soft, romantic style rather than a perfectly done-up look, which is why brushed out curls have been seen everywhere! Embrace your natural texture and crush those curls out.

7. Twisted Half-Updo

cottagecore hairstyles twisted halfupdo
Twisted updos are a great Photo Credit: @bexdoeshair_

A twisted half-updo like this a perfect way to give off that countryside look we’re going for. Plus, it’s extremely wearable for any occasion!

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