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Halo Braid: A Step-by-Step Tutorial & Best Styles Inspo

This braided halo hairstyle is deceptively easy and oh-so-fun.

Looking to brush up on your braiding skills in quarantine? We’ve got you covered. This quick and easy step-by-step tutorial with Justine Marjan will have you braiding with ease in no time. The braided halo is one of those versatile styles that will seamlessly take you from virtual conference calls to at-home date night, and we’re excited to share this game-changing look with you!

Keep reading to learn some of Justine’s favorite products and see her fab video below for top tips on how to create this look!

Tutorial: Braided Halo



Prep your hair.

Start off by prepping your hair by washing and conditioning with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and ConditionerBlow-dry your strands smooth using a round brush.

braided halo blow dry

Create a wave pattern.

Next, use a curling iron to create a wave pattern and make sure to alternate the direction of the curls with each piece.

braided halo curl

Divide and braid!

Take a small section of hair from one side of your part, divide it into 3 equal pieces, and begin a reverse French braid (Ed’s note: a.k.a. a Dutch braid) by wrapping alternating strands from each side under the center section. Make sure to add hair to the outer sections with each rotation.

braided halo section off

Repeat and pancake!

Continue braiding until you reach the end of the style and then repeat on the other side. Use your fingers to gently pull each braid apart to create a ‘pancake’ effect. Finish by securing the braids together at the back of your head.

braided halo pancake

Secure your style.

Secure your style by misting your braid with TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray.

braided halo set

You're done!

You’re all set!

braided halo final look

5 Halo Braids Styles To Try This Season

Are you as obsessed with this hairdo as we are? Then discover 5 trending ways to wear a halo braid this season!

1. Ombré Halo Braid

Brown to Blonde Ombré with halo braid
Try out a halo braid.

Have you just jumped on the ombré bandwagon? Show it off in a creative way! The halo hairstyle is perfect to show your natural hair as well as highlight your new color.

2. Double Halo Braid

braided hairstyles double halo braid
Give your halo braid a switch-up with this doubled look.

What’s better than one braided halo? Two, of course! This elegant hairstyle will be your new go-to for formal events. And if you don’t want any flyawatys to get in your way, pack some Dove Style+Care Compressed Flexible Hold Hairspray in your bag, for quick and non-sticky touch-ups.

3. Voluminous Halo Braid

fierce braids for fall halo braid
Halo braids are ethereal, we love them!

Bigger is better. Take your halo braid to the next level with some extreme styling. Just gorgeous.

4. Halo on Natural Hair

black braided hairstyles updo
Photo Credit: @reneebigtime

We love this combination of halo braided natural hair and thinner face-framing braids. A stylish compromise between elegant and fun.

5. Oversized Halo

chunky halo braid styles

Are you blessed with thick hair? Then this hairstyle is for you. Separate your strands in bigger chunks to achieve this oversized braid and finish it off with a spray of Suave Extreme Hold Aerosol Hairspray

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