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Liquid Hair is All the Rage and Here’s How to Create the Look

Sleek, glossy, and on-trend.

Liquid hair is easily the glossiest, shiniest, and most Instagram-worthy trend of the season. With voluminous beach waves on their way out and sleek straight styles in, liquid hair is the streamlined and uniform style of the moment. As we make our way out of the quarantine era and back into the real world of IRL meetings and cocktail hours, some of us crave a more pulled-together and high-shine style. Liquid hair is the best of all worlds – the marriage between the trending blowout and the sleek straight styles reminiscent of the 90s.

Liquid Hair is the High-Shine Trend of the Moment

Achieving this signature liquid hair high gloss finish is as much about the products you use as it is about the styling techniques you master. Read on to learn how to recreate this look at home:

liquid hair brunette
The shinier, the better!

How to Achieve Liquid Hair at the Salon

As with most hair trends, the best way to master a style to perfection is by turning to professionals. Consider a salon keratin treatment to reduce frizz and lock in silkiness for an extended period of time.

The great thing about opting for a smoothing treatment done by a pro is that you can tailor it to your unique hair type. While some might prefer a slick stick straight style, others might interpret the trend by simply relaxing their more voluminous curls. Either way, becoming a professional is the best way to achieve close-to-perfect results.

How to Achieve Liquid Hair at Home

If you are more inclined to go the DIY route or you are hoping to simply test out the trend before you make a bigger financial commitment, consider an at-home option.

Use TRESemmé Keratin Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to create a smooth and streamlined base for your style. This duo smooths and shields each hair fiber for stronger and silkier strands.

Follow up with Dove Hair Therapy Brilliant Gloss Repair + Ceramide Serum, a product specifically designed to add a heavy dose of shine to your hair. Pump a dime-sized amount of product into your hair. Then evenly distribute the serum throughout the lower three-quarter of your hair. The resulting smooth finish is the literal definition of liquid hair!

After that, use a hair dryer and brush to dry your hair. Make sure to pull the hair taught to create a straight finish. Use a hair straightener to take care of any pesky flyaways, and that’s it! You have unlocked the secret to liquid hair at home.

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