5 Unique Ways to Style Your Pixie Cut on Natural Hair

Who says naturalistas can't rock natural hair? Learn how you can style a pixie cut on your natural hair?

If you’re a naturalista learning how to rock your natural hair, then now is the perfect time to experiment with a variety of hairstyles. If you have recently big-chopped your hair, then a pixie cut on natural hair is a great hairstyle to try on a TWA! 

What’s the difference between a big chop and a pixie cut, you may say? As opposed to a big chop, the pixie cut on natural hair is when the cut is cropped in layers to create an edgier effect or when the hair is cropped close to the head and face. 

Check out these 6 Different Ways You Can Achieve a Pixie Cut on Natural Hair. 

1. Tousled Curls Pixie Cut. 

Tousled Pixie Cut
Create this edgy look by layering your curls. Photo by Caique Silva

If you’re going for an edgier look, then try cutting your curls into layers! Start with lighter layers in the back and build your way up to thicker layers in the front of your mane. To keep your curls thriving all day, use Suave Professionals Curl Defining Cream when styling your hair. 

2. Slight Finger Waves Pixie Cut on Natural Hair

Subtle Finger Waves
Subtle finger waves are gorgeous and easy to maintain. Photo by Brian Asare

A beautiful way to wear a pixie cut on natural hair is to add finger waves. Slight finger waves are the perfect way to wear the style if you don’t want to keep up with the heavy maintenance of finger waves. To achieve this look, swoop your hair into layers using a hair gel such as SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil + Flaxseed Strong Hold Styling Gel. for a strong, long-lasting hold. 

3. Pixie Cut with Bangs 

natural hair pixie cut with bangs
Try a straight pixie cut on natural hair with bangs. Photo by Clarke Sanders.

If you enjoy straightening your natural hair every now and then, you should consider this style! 

A pixie cut with bangs can be achieved by leaving the rest of your hair cut and allowing your bangs to frame your face. Don’t forget your heat protectant if you choose to straighten your hair in this hairstyle! Use heat protectants such as Dove’s Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray to avoid damaging your gorgeous coils and +curls. 

4. Slightly Boxed Pixie Cut on Natural Hair 

afro pixi cut
Frame your face with a boxed pixie cut. Photo by John Haldezos

A beautiful way to highlight your facial features is to wear a slightly boxed pixie cut for longer face shapes. This style can be achieved by cutting slightly down in the back and leaving bangs more elevated in the front. This style works great on tighter curl patterns such as 4B-4C hair as they are more likely to retain the style for longer periods of time. 

5. Curly Dyed Pixie Cut on Natural Hair 

dyed pixie cut
A dyed pixie cut is a fun way to keep track of natural hair growth. Photo by Raphael Lovaski

Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your new natural hair growth after your big chop? Then you should dye your hair a neutral color that is far from your natural hair texture. This not only creates a layered illusion as your hair grows, but it helps you keep track of how long and how fast your hair has grown over time. 

Which pixie cut on natural hair will you be trying? Show us your look by tagging us at @AllThingsHairUS. Also, for more natural hair inspiration, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below! 

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