10 K-Pop Hairstyles You Can Wear Everyday with Any Hair Type

When it comes to your hair, take hair inspo from kpop.

K-Pop has completely taken over the music industry, but that’s not the only thing this genre of music has heavily influenced. From makeup to fashion to hairstyles, K-pop has inspired many beauty and clothing choices people make today. Jelly perms and wispy bangs are just two of the K-pop hairstyles we’ve seen a lot of recently. One thing we love about K-pop hairstyles is the fact that many of them can work on any hair type, whether it’s pin-straight or natural and coily, it truly doesn’t matter.

Keep scrolling to check trending K-Pop hairstyles and find new looks to try this season.

Trending Kpop Hairstyles

Looking for a new hairstyle to try? Draw inspo from K-Pop with these exciting looks.

1. Copper Hair

girl with copper hair
Try out copper hair!

If you’re looking for a change in hair color, go copper! A vibrant copper shade is extremely popular with various K-Pop groups. Plus, it’s a great way to warm and brighten your strands.

2. Wispy Bangs

girl with wispy bangs
Wispy bangs give subtle fringe.

Wispy bangs are a popular K-Pop hairstyle that is a great transition into bangs. If you don’t want to transition into a full fringe style, wispy bangs are a great option to test the waters.

3. Jelly Perm Kpop Hairstyles

girl curly jelly perm
Try out a curly style.

A jelly perm is a type of perm that is known for loose, messy, long curls. It’s very wearable in everyday life. Plus, it takes the hassle out of extra styling every day.

4. Space Buns

girl with natural hair and space buns
The space buns look creates a unique style.

Space buns are one of those K-Pop hairstyles we see people wearing for so many events. Whether it’s just a regular day or you’re going to a festival, this look can work for it all.

5. Curled Fringe

girl with curly bangs
Photo Credit: @erikast.pierre

Remember those days when walking out of the house without straight bangs wasn’t even a thought? Today, K-pop hairstyles have made it the norm to embrace the texture in your fringe. Whether it’s natural or created yourself, have fun with your bangs! To hold your look in place using a hairspray, like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Hair Spray.

6. Half-Up

with with half updo
A half-updo is a classic style for anyone.

A high half-updo is a style that’s been around. while, but the K-pop world has embraced it too, and now it’s spotted everywhere. We love this style because it’s extremely wearable, and any hair type can sport the look.

7. Blue Hair

girl with blue hair
Go for a vibrant hue.

Looking to have fun with your hair color? Why not go for blue hair? Blue strands are so popular in the K-Pop world. To make sure your new hair color doesn’t fade, use a shampoo and conditioner set like Nexus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner. This set helps keep your color vibrant for up to 40 washes.

8. Pigtails

high pigtails with face framing pieces
Go for a high pigtail look.

Thanks to K-Pop, pigtails have been making a comeback over the past year. A classic, high style like this is perfect when channeling that Korean pop look.

9. Butterfly Clips

girl with butterfly clips
Accessorize your style with butterfly clips.

Every hairstyle is better with accessories, especially when it comes to Korean idols’ hairstyles. For pops of color and a y2k-inspired look, add in butterfly clips. We love how this accessory works in any hair type too.

10. High Ponytail

girl with high ponytail
Add a bright accessory.

A high ponytail is a classic style that is commonly worn by Korean singers in a variety of ways. You can wear a classic high pony, accessorize it with a bright scrunchie or hair clips, or add braids.

From butterfly clips to high half-updos, there are many K-Pop hairstyles you can start sporting today.


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