Tie-Dye Hair: Summer’s Hottest Sartorial Trend Enters the Hair Scene

Rainbow hues for days.

Faded tees, maxi dresses, headscarves, and flowy skirts – the tie-dye trend is everywhere lately. It was only a matter of time until colorists started creating tie-dye hair. This unique blend of colors is customizable to your unique preferences and can include just two colors or many different hues. The blending technique used allows for that tie-dye hair effect where one color bleeds into the next. If you’ve been thinking about going for bold hair color, consider opting for the latest trend in hair: tie-dye strands.

tie dye hair purple blue curling
Much like you do with tie dyeing, you can choose your favorite color combinations!

Consider color combinations that complement one another or opt for a contrasting set for a really bold statement. The key to creating a tie-dye hair effect is in your colorist’s ability to blend the colors seamlessly. Do your research first before trusting just anyone to help you pull off this technique!

tie dye hair pastels flower crown
Pastel hues are a more subtle alternative.

If you aren’t quite ready for a bold lineup of colors, talk to your colorist about pastel alternatives. This lighter mask of color is a subtler way to get in on the tie-dye trend. This is also the ideal opportunity to try out a temporary hair color. Washout dye, hair chalk, or hair paint can help you achieve this temporary hue of colors.

tie dye hair ombre
You can even make this look more subtle by covering it a little.

If you do opt for a permanent hair dye option, you’ll want to switch out your hair products to support bright colors that remain as bold as they are when you first leave the salon. When it comes to your shampoo and conditioner, we suggest switching to a color-conscious duo. TIGI Copyright Custom Care Colour Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated to preserve your color and care for your hair at the same time.

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