12 Chic Beautiful Heatless Hairstyles for Your Fancy Event

No heat, no problem!

Formal hair looks may seem like they require the help of heat styling tools, but ditching the dryers and irons may be a lot easier than you think. Whether you opt for flawless braids, sophisticated buns or an elegant chignon, there are tons of beautiful heatless hairstyles to give a try. For looks that aren’t complicated to create, here are twelve beautiful heatless hairstyles that are simple and gorgeous that are sure to inspire.

1. Victory Rolls

beautiful heatless hairstyles victory rolls
Victory rolls are an easy heatless style.

Victory rolls are incredibly easy heatless hairstyles to create. They make for a great and unexpected style that doesn’t require heat. Best achieved on second-day hair, creating this look isn’t too difficult to create. Start by sectioning off the hair you want to roll with some clips. Then, grab the ends of your hair and form it into a small loop. To form your roll, take your loop, and proceed to roll your hair up. Secure with some bobby pins, and use a strong-hold hairspray, like Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray, to help secure your look.

2. Short, Natural Hair Twist Crown

beautiful heatless hairstyles crown braid
A short, natural crown twist is chic and elegant. Photo credit: Dvora

A crown twist is great for natural hair types, as it shows off your gorgeous texture without subjecting your hair to unwanted heat damage. But, while this look is usually suitable for someone who has some braiding skills down pat, it’s totally great for short hair lengths to try.

3. Messy Updo

beautiful heatless hairstyles updo
A messy updo shows off your natural curls.

If you are blessed with natural curls, it never hurts to show off your beautiful texture without turning to heat style tools. Easy heatless hairstyles, like this messy, pinned updo is fairly easy to style; as you’ll simply need some pins and a good brush to create this ultra-sexy look.

4. Faux Hawk

beautiful heatless hairstyles faux hawk
A faux hawk is dressy enough for any occasion. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Faux hawks are great heatless hairstyles that totally enhances your natural hair in seconds. To get the look, pin the sides of your hair back with bobby pins (or sparkly barrettes) in order to get that faux hawk effect. Finish with some hairspray to help secure your style into place.

5. Bubble Ponytail

beautiful heatless hairstyles bubble ponytail
A bubble ponytail takes your pony to the next level. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

When you want to dress up your basic pony, opting for a trendy bubble ponytail allows you to skip out on the straightening irons without hesitation. To get the look, simply use some styling gel to create a high ponytail that sits on top of your head. To achieve that bubble effect, simply section off your ponytail with different elastics in order to give it that fun and fresh twist. Tada! Cute heatless hairstyles to create even on the go!

6. Braided Headband

beautiful heatless hairstyles headband
A braided headband is suitable for any hair type. Photo credit: Dvora

A simple, braided headband is a great example of beautiful heatless hairstyles, as it dresses up any outfit in a pinch. Again, this look may be more suited for a skilled braider, but it’s chic enough for any special occasion.

7. Pineapple Pony

beautiful heatless hairstyles pineapple hair
Pineapple ponies are cute heatless hairstyles for natural hair types!

Pineapple ponies are great for those with natural curls, as it showcases your gorgeous texture in all its splendor. While this look usually requires the help of some bobby pins, using a good curl-defining cream is always recommended. To help enhance this beautiful curly style, use TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel to help pump up your curls.

8. Chignon

beautiful heatless hairstyles chignon
Heatless hairstyles like this chignon turn up the heat.

A sexy chignon always makes for an elegant heatless hairstyle, as it looks good on almost every hair type. Achieving this look isn’t very complicated, as it simply requires a low bun that is twisted with sections of the hair, in order to form a truly alluring result.

9. French Twist

beautiful heatless hairstyles French twist
A French twist can be done in under 10 minutes.

Like chignons, a sexy French twist doesn’t require heat, as your hair is simply rolled up and pinned into a timeless style. Check out our French twist hair tutorial to master this look for yourself at home.

10. Wavy Hair From Twists

how to get wavy hair overnight with twists
Twist it for seriously defined waves. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you’re looking for perfectly defined waves, twists are the way to go. This style is super easy to do after washing your hair.

Pull your hair into a high ponytail. We suggest securing the ponytail with a scrunchie to avoid any hard lines and then split the tail portion of your hair into two sections. Twist the two sections around each other until you get an inch or two from the ends. Tie off your hair and get to sleep! Wake up and shake out your hair! Easy heatless hairstyles without a sweat! Enjoy your perfectly sculpted wavy hair overnight.

11. Wavy Hair From Braids

how to get wavy hair overnight with a braid
The looser the braid the looser the wave.

We’re sure you know all about getting wavy hair overnight with braids.Braids turn into seriously cute heatless hairstyles. We suggest just doing one braid to get a loose beachy texture. The more braids you do, the tighter your waves will be. If you want to go all out, you can do a whole bunch of braids to create a wavy crimped look.

For looser styles, start with your freshly washed hair and add a little volume to the roots. This is key for many overnight hairstyles since many can come out looking flat. Pump up your roots with a golf-ball-sized amount of the Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus. Then, loosely braid your hair all the way down and secure with a hair tie. Shake out your braid in the morning to wear your waves.

12. Wavy Hair From Buns

how to get wavy hair overnight with buns
The bigger the buns, the bigger the waves. Photo credit: indigitalimages,com

For a curlier wavy look, go for buns. You could do several mini buns all over like Bantu knots for a much curlier look. But for a wavy look, go for one or two buns. The bigger the bun is, the more likely it will look wavy instead of curly.

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