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Street Style Braids: The Best Looks from Fashion Month Thus Far

Join the braid gang.

This fall, standout braids are taking over the street style scene and the runways. But, as we know it, braids fall under the category of hairdos that won’t ever go out of style. Instead, your favorite street style stars reinvent the wheel by adding their personal twist on some of our most favorite looks to keep the look fresh. We’ve rounded up some of our top favorite street style braids spotted during fashion month thus far, all for your viewing pleasure:

Standout Street Style Braids from Fashion Month


street style braids: pink jumbo braids
How to get standout street style braids? Add a fun color. Photo credit:

1. Think Pink

Colors like platinum blonde, and even shades of blue have been the highlight of this jumbo braid hairstyle for seasons. However, the hue of the season, that you may have spotted from the retail level and beyond, include variations of pastels and neon hues that are proven to add a pop to any classic outfit. Try this pale pink style and when you’re ready for a switch, move on to the next brightest color on the spectrum. Neon green, anyone?

street style braids: cornrows
Wear your braids out or in a ponytail style. Photo credit:

2. Cornrows

Straight-backs—which is what this particular style is called—have been spotted quite often this season, which makes it a street style braids favorite. If you know how to cornrow, which is simply a skinny version of a French braid, you can whip up the style in the morning and have it for the entire week (or even beyond). To refresh the style in between washes, opt for using Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo.

street style braids: braided pony
The braided pony. Photo credit:

3. Braided Ponytail

As spotted on the runway at Cushnie, this braided ponytail takes reference from the 90s-entertainment scene. We’re sure you can figure out iconic singers that sported the look during that time. Today, the look stays the same: Sleek, neat, and simple. Use a strong hold gel, like Bed Head By TIGI Up Front Rocking Gel Pomade, to get the smooth and sleek finish and comb through the ends of your hair for a detangled base before braiding.

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