Sequin Hair: How to Make Your Hair the Life of The Party This Season

Move over glitter roots, it's all about sequin hair this year!

sequin hair tutorial with stars



You should never take your hair too seriously when it comes to styling. Unless you have to create a look that’s super professional or elegant for an important event on your agenda, it’s always fun to let loose and have fun with your mane. Last year it was all about glitter roots, this year we’re taking it up a notch with sequin hair.

We love this hair trend because it’s a quick and easy way to accessorize your hair for fun events and you have so many options of sequins to play with. Read on as we demonstrate how you can create this sequin hair look at home with the use of a hair gel.

Tutorial: How to Create Sequin Hair

Before you begin:

You’re probably wondering where you should get sequins for your hair. That’s easy! Head to your local discount or arts and craft store and buy as much as you need. Try to go for an assortment to make your finished look more interesting.

sequin hair tutorial: afro hair
A clean base makes it easier for your sequins to stick with gel.

Step 1: Begin with clean hair.

You don’t really need to have freshly washed hair to create this hairstyle. However, build-up on hair can cause other products like gels to pill. To prevent this from happening, we suggest washing your hair before creating your style. If you need a moisturizing shampoo, opt for Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo and Dove Cool Moisture Conditioner.

Step 2: Style your hair to your liking.

This sequin hair look can be done on a bun, French braids or even a ‘fro as pictured above. Create whatever style you feel like wearing and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Add your gel and your sequins.

Scoop or squirt a gel, like TRESemmé Tres TWO Mega Firm Control Gelonto your fingertip and dab the spots of your hair where you want to place your sequins. We suggest applying your sequins right away to prevent your gel from drying while you apply it to other areas of your hair. If you have a hard time picking up your sequins with your fingers (especially if they are tiny) use a tweezer to help you with the process.

sequin hair with star sequins on afro
A fun look for festival season or even for 4th of July festivities!.

Step 4: Dry your hair to set and done!

To finish your new style, you can use a diffuser on a cool setting to dry your gel or you can opt to have it air-dry. The reason why we suggest using a diffuser—rather than a concentration nozzle—is that it may be too powerful and end up blowing your sequins completely off your hair. And you don’t want that, trust us! For extra insurance, can also finish up with a non-sticky, touchable-hold hairspray, like Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray, to help keep everything in place without the crunch. All set!

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