summer hairstyle trends: beach waves

5 Summer Hairstyle Trends to Try Before The Season is Over

Summertime is the best time to have fun with your hair.

Before the summer season hits, many of us make a list of hair trends (sorta like a bucket list) that we’d like to try for the summer season. There’s just something about most hair trends that feel much more appropriate during the summertime. Maybe for most, it’s the simple fact that this is the season you’re out and about more so you have more than enough opportunities to flaunt your new style besides staying home taking a selfie and posting it to the ‘gram. We hate to deliver bad news, although it feels like summer just started, it’s actually almost over — especially for those of us that had a pretty late start, like New York! On the bright side, if you plan it well, you still have time to try out some of the hottest summer hairstyle trends! Read on to learn about five of our favorites.

Summer Hairstyle Trends: 5 Styles to Try Before or By Labor Day

summer hairstyle trends: rose hair
One of the hottest summer hairstyle trends to get this year.

1. Rosé Hair

Rosé is the drink of the summer season, trade in those rosé #summerwater posts for some #roséhair posts instead. There are so many ways you can try this rosé summer hairstyle trend, even without ever coloring your hair. Some ideas we love include highlights with rosé ombré, rosé streaks or a simple rosé-colored wig.

summer hairstyle trends: champagne blonde
Glistening like a glass of bubbly.

2. Champagne Blonde

Next up, is champagne blonde! If you’re not into super colorful hair trends, you can go for something more subtle like champagne blonde. Why we love it? It’s certainly not like every other blonde hair color you see out there. This one has a golden hue that sparkles just like the bubbles that float to the top of your champagne glass.

summer hairstyle trends: festival hair floral afro
You haven’t lived your best life this summer if you haven’t tried at least one festival hairstyle.

3. Festival Hair

Quite frankly, festival season really lasts throughout the entire summer. There’s always a place or an event you can attend and wear a festival hairstyle. Some of our favorite styles include the floral afro, cat ears and some non-flower crown looks too.

summer hairstyle trends: teeny weeny afro
Bare it all for the summer season!

4. The Big Chop

You’ve placed this on your bucket list for the summer season, it’s time to do it! There’s no better time than summer to go for a big chop. What’s not to love? Less hair to worry about, less styling time, the ability to start fresh and more time to have some summer fun!

summer hairstyle trends: beach waves
Salt in your hair and you just don’t care.

5. Beach Waves by Mother Nature

Go for a dip in the ocean and come out with the beach hair you’ve always wanted. Do it before the fall season hits! You won’t be able to submerge yourself into the water after summer unless you’re somewhere hot. Here’s a tip: Detangle your hair before jumping into the water and create two plaits (one on each side of your hair), once you’re finished with your swim, allow your hair to air-dry, then release. This will help you prevent unwanted tangles as you get your beach wave on!

Looking for more summer hair ideas? Here’s are some more hair colors we’re into this season.

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