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Pink Hair Goals: Our Current Fave Shades to Try this Season

Find the right hue for you!

One of the best ways to get inspired for a style change is with some bold color inspiration. Pink is a highly wearable shade, whether you want to go all out and rock an electric shade of pink or go for something more subtle by adding some pinky undertones.

We love using this color to add some youth and depth to any look. What’s great about pink is that it can stand alone or can be used as an ombre shade to play off of your current hair color. Deeper shades of pink make a statement paired with black or dark brown, while warmer tones of pink look fabulous with lighter brown and blonde shades.

Whichever you are drawn to, these hues are all pink hair goals we might try for the new year. Read on:

These Looks Are Pink Hair Goals!

pink hair goals deep pink
Go for a striking pink shade at the root. Photo Credit: Verity Jane

1. Pink-Purple Shade

Go for a two-toned pink look by adding some hints of purple. We love that this style starts at the root and is a thick, rich shade of pink throughout the strands. Consider this style if you want to switch up the traditional look of coloring your hair starting mid-length or just at the bottom.

A look like this may take a little more maintenance since the color saturates the root. As your strands grow, you will need to keep up with this coloring so that it stays a deep pink tone. Keep the color for as long as possible by washing with Nexxus Color Assure Rebalancing Shampoo and Nexxus Color Assure Restoring Conditioner. This duo will work to keep your pink color vibrant longer so you don’t have to make as many trips to your colorist.

pink hair goals warm pink
We love this warm pink shade on curly tendrils! Photo Credit: Verity Jane

2. Peachy Pink

We are obsessed with the peachy pink hues that have been trending. This color is highly wearable and pulls warmer than your typical pink hair color. If you simply want a hint of pink in your hair, then go for a subtle ombre look and color the tips of your strands with this beautiful orangey-pink shade. We think this color pairs best with warm brown colored hair or a dirty blonde. Peachy pink strands are major pink hair goals and look amazing on natural curly tendrils. Keep your naturals curls extra bouncy and your color frizz free with some Bed Head by TIGI Foxy Curls Mousse.

pink hair goals
This shade of bright pink is great for festival looks. Photo Credit: Verity Jane

3. Platinum and Pink

Go bright and bold with a platinum and pink color! A pastel pink will pop more when paired with a platinum shade. We love how this style only uses some pops of pink and relies on darker roots and platinum strands to make the pink shade shine. This color is the perfect festival hue and looks amazing with some fun braids and a lot of glitter.

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