Denim Hair: Hair Color Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Denim Washes

Stay true to your blues with this new hair color trend.

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all with the hair color trends, denim hair surfaces. At first glance, we thought denim hair was just blue hair, but we knew there had to be something special about these blues. Being true beauty trend investigators, we dug a little deeper. Our discovery? These hair colors we’re just any old blue, each denim colored hair idea we came across reminded us of denim washes from our jeans.

You’re probably thinking, who would think to ever draw inspiration from a pair of jeans? Well, in the name of fashion and beauty, anything goes. This is the industry where inspiration is found everywhere! We wouldn’t be surprised to see ketchup hair tomorrow. In the meantime, we’re obsessing over these denim blue hair hues and think you should, too. Read on to discover the different washes that probably inspired each of these denim hair color ideas below.

Denim Hair Ideas: Hair Color Trend Inspired by Denim Washes

denim hair: acid wash grey hair
Punky and cool at the same time.

1. Acid Wash

Acid denim was a hit during the ’80s. However, like everything else in fashion, it made a comeback. If you’re inspired by this fashion era, opt for this bleached out tint which almost looks like a grayish-blue. To add a glistening finish to your style, add a few drops of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum throughout your strands.

denim hair: acid wash
Acid wash with a slight purple hint.

2. Acid Wash with Purple Tint

If you want to go for something with a purplish tint to it, opt for this color instead.

denim hair: stone wash blue hair
Mix in shades of gray to offset the bluish tone.

3. Stone Wash

During the process of stone washing, color is removed from denim and contrast is added. To achieve this look with denim hair, ask your stylist to mix in shades of gray to offset the blue to create the stone wash effect.

denim hair stone wash ombre
Try ombré for a two-tone effect.

4. Stone Wash Ombré

If you’re looking for a more standout look, opt for this ombré style instead.

denim hair trend: dirty wash inspired blue hair color
Smeared, unwashed effect that’s totally clean and beautiful.

5. Dirty Wash

Love denim with a gritty texture and a dirty look? Consider trying dirty wash inspired denim hair. Typically, the dirty wash has hints of browns and grays mixed in with blue to create a muddy look. However, you can play around with other colors like hints of deep reds, or deep purples. To keep your hairstyle fresh, use a dry shampoo like Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo.

denim hair: whisker inspired blue ombre
Add lighter shades of blue as streaks to mimic the whisker denim wash effect.

6. Whisker Wash

Whiskering involves fading the areas of denim below the waist and around the knee area to create an aged effect. Take inspiration from this and create a whiskered/ombré denim hair look. Opt for lighter shades of blue with a matte finish to achieve the aged and lived-in appearance.

denim hair: whisker wash pixie
Short, vibrant and fun.

7. Whisker Wash Pixie

Update the look of a short pixie with this fun and vibrant hue.

denim wash: classic blue hair
Keep it simple with a monchromatic blue.

8. Classic Wash

If you’re looking for a blue that’s on the simple end of the spectrum. Go for the classic wash look. Just like a pair of classic wash jeans, this color doesn’t involve any extra whiskering nor contrasting colors. However, you still have a lot of options to choose from whether you want a light shade of blue or a dark indigo hue.

denim hair: braided ombré
Braided denim ombré. Photo credit: @Astacia_hair

9. Mid-Wash Denim

To achieve the mid wash look in denim, the indigo dye color is removed to achieve a lighter shade of indigo revealing a mid-blue tone. You can recreate this look on your hair, as seen on @Astacia_hair, by mixing indigo and mid-blue tones together to create this blue ombré effect.

denim hair: indigo hair color
Deep dyed blues brightened up with hints of lighter tones.

10. Indigo Wash

Take inspiration from indigo dyed denim but put your own stylish twist into the mix by adding different variations of the hue.


denim hair color: waves
Style your denim hair color with lived-in waves.

11. Wavy Indigo Mix

Mix up your look with shades of indigo and lighter blue hues. For the lived-in texture, use Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray on your hair.

If you’re in the mood for a lighter color, why not go for a pink hue? Read all about the pink champagne trend that’s giving rosé hair a run for its money.

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