Using the Roller Set on Natural Hair: 12 Reasons We Love this Technique

Get any curl you want with rollers.

With so many new hair curling appliances out on the market, one could easily forget about good old roller set hairstyles. We’re taking you back to the old days (for some, this method is still current), when black women would book a trip to the salon and get a wash and set. Just about every black woman can tell you that she loves the look of her roller set styles but dreads the drying process! Once your stylist sets your freshly washed hair with rollers and sits you under the dryer, it can take about 30 to 45 minutes for your hair to dry depending on the length and texture of your hairstyle, especially if you’re creating a roller set on natural hair. The thicker your natural texture, the longer it may take to dry. Either way, the outcome is worthwhile. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular roller set on natural hair styles that you can achieve with a wash and set.

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