Video: How to Create the Puff for Natural Hairstyles

Recreate the classic puff hairstyle with some help from MiniMarley12.

Hair Types

While we love to try new looks and styles, sometimes your hair is all about your signature look. You know, that you look that you makes you feel great and comfortable as you tackle your day. For natural hairstyles, this can sometimes be tricky where hair can be dependent on the weather, products and occasions during the day. Vlogger MiniMarley12 knows her style and what works best for her natural locks where she opts to create a puff style that she doesn’t have to worry about throughout the day after she creates it. Check out her video on the puff and some of the products that she used to create this look.

Creating the Puff Hairstyle

1. Wash hair.

Before she starts her hair style, she washes and conditions her hair. She loves products that are designed for coarse and dry hair that work to smooth out her curls and make them more manageable. After she washed her hair, she created a twist out (which can also be in the hairstyle of your choice).

2. Apply hair gel to the back section.

MiniMarley12 starts by working with her old twist out. She starts by applying some gel to the back of her hair, which helps to mold and create the style that’s she’s going for.

3. Use a hard brush.

After she applies the gel, she takes a hard brush and brushes the back of her hair into place. This also helps to slick down the hair.

4. Apply more gel to front section.

She then applies some gel to the front section of her hair. After she applies, she repeats the same motion of using her brush to smooth out the front section of her hair, creating a slick puff.

5. Use a elastic headband.

Once everything is sleek, she takes an elastic headband (she recommends using those without metal) and doubles it around her neck. Pull the band up to the crown of your head as you push the headband towards your hair (making sure that you get the hair in the back of your head). The less you push up your headband, the bigger your puff is going to appear. If you have more hair in your face, you simply have to push your headband back further.

6. Place gel on a toothbrush.

The last step is to place a dollop of gel onto on a toothbrush and then apply it to the front of your face as you slick down the edges of your hair. Love this genius hair hack!

7. Use some pomade.

If your hair is dry, you can also use a small amount of pomade that you scrunch in your hands and then apply to your hair (the puff part).

Ready to rock the puff?