12 Fun Hairstyles for Women to Wear While Working From Home

Live the #GirlBoss life and look fierce in the process.

So you’re working from home?  As with all new adjustments, your mind is probably whirling about what tasks you’ll be handling and what the new vibe is going to be like. With a few changes, it’s easy to forget about your hair and just throw it into a messy bun. If the thought of another messy bun makes your cringe, we encourage you to have fun with your hair and try a new style! If you take time to style your hair, you may feel better while working from home. That said, be sure to keep reading to get a little inspiration from our round-up of some of our favorite work hairstyles for women to show off on their next video call.

1. Braided Pony

work hairstyles braided fishtail ponytail
Workweek tiring you out? Perk things up with a fishtail pony.

If you’re looking to keep your hair out of your face, a ponytail is a perfect option. Since ponies can sometimes look a little too laid back, perk it up with a braid. Whether you choose for fishtail, traditional or a mixture of interwoven braids, you’re sure to rock these adorable work hairstyles. To keep your hair smoothly pulled back into your braid, be sure to use Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist, it will help give an all-day hold.

2. Zig-Zag Part

work hairstyles widow's peak zig-zag part
A zigzag parting is a modern way to work around a widow’s peak too.

There’s nothing like a fun part to create a focal point of your look. Channel the nineties a bit with a zigzag part. To create a more mature version of the look, keep your zigzag a little wider than the traditional tight look. Make the most of this ‘do by adding shine to your flowing locks. We recommend Bed Head by TIGI Blow-Out Golden Illuminating Shine Cream. Before you know it, your hair will be smooth as can be! Can you say frizz-free?

3. Bob Updo

work hairstyles brunette updo

Look, we get it. It’s your first day of work and you want to put in a little magic to your bob. Much to the bewilderment of many gals, you can achieve a lot with the short locks associated with this type of cut. For a business casual vibe, we’re all about the bob updo because it adds just enough relaxed feminine flair to a predominantly formal look. To make the most of your little updo, try using a volume-boosting product like TRESemmé Pro Pure Volume Invisible Styler; with just a few sprays your hair will be full of volume with the addition of this super lightweight hold.

4. Double Knot Half Up-Do

work hairstyles braided half updo
Amp up your box braids with this style.

We’re big fans of braids but we totally understand that sometimes you want a more tailored look for a work appearance. Without a doubt, this is one of your new go-to work hairstyles when working from home. To learn how to bring this super simple updo to life, check out our tutorial on how to make twist braids in a double knot.

5. Half-Up Bow Bun

easy hairstyles for the workweek updo black hair
Bow bun half-updo on thick hair.

There’s nothing quite like a hair bow to add a little girly flair to your ensemble. Instead of clipping one in, simply create one in the size of your choice using your very own hair. This version of the traditionally younger accessory will lend to a more mature, put-together look.

6. Long Side Braid

work hairstyles greek sidebraid
Embrace the mermaid vibes.

Embrace mermaid vibes with a business twist by sweeping your long locks around to one side and braiding them into a traditional or fishtail braid. As always, plump up your braid by gently tugging on the strands. Since tugging makes everything a bit looser, be sure to use Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold & Frizz Control Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hairspray for added hold and frizz control.

7. Folded Braid Bun

work hairstyles folded braid
Go for the folded look.

Buns are great and all, but don’t you ever want to spruce it up a bit? Now you can by simply braiding your ponytail and wrapping it around itself. Before you know it you’ll have a super perky, intricately braided bun that just needs to be set in place with a few bobby pins. Easy peasy and ready for work.

8. Braided Headband

work hairstyles short hair braid
This is one of our top work hairstyles for short hair.

Whether you have short hair or long hair a braided headband can be just the right natural accessory to liven up your home office-ready look. And since it’s made of your own hair you won’t have to worry about those mid-day headaches associated with the old school plastic headbands of the past.

9. Low Loose Bun

work hairstyles low messy bun
Show off your laid back style.

This is what we like to call low maintenance beauty. This super low loose bun is just messy enough to show your laid back spirit but chic enough to let them know you mean business and aren’t afraid to pull your hair back and dig into whatever is thrown your way.

10. Loose Waves

work hairstyles loose waves
These loose waves give your office look a laid-back vibe.

Are you into minimal-effort work hairstyles? Then try out these loose waves! Just apply Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus to your hair fro added fullness, lightly curl your locks with a curling wand and you have the perfect set of waves in just a few minutes.

11. Natural Afro

work hairstyles natural afro
It’s time to rock your natural locks!

If you’re working from home, don’t worry about tight hairstyles, let your natural curls shine!

12. Middle Parted Bun

work hairstyles middle parted bun
Create a look that’s perfect for work and happy hour.

Your work hairstyles don’t have to be stiff and sophisticated. This chic bun is the cutest way to style your hair with a fun, posh attitude while staying 100 percent office appropriate.

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