The Rainbow Connection: The Wonderful World of PRIDE Hair

A statement-making look, in all aspects.

Mermaids, unicorns and now, rainbows—oh, my! It’s a great time to be alive, and though this trend’s Instagram-worthiness is not lost on us, it’s the bigger conversation it embraces that we’re truly grateful for. Pride hair, or hairstyles dyed in rainbow colors akin to the symbol of the LGBTQIA community, have been taking to the streets long before we celebrated Pride Month last June.

Bright, creative, original and most importantly, a show of solidarity and support for diversity (hence its many colors), Pride Hair in its truest form pays homage to the gay pride flag, which first became the symbol of the gay community in June 1978. Originating in San Francisco, it has undergone several revisions due to fabric unavailability and is now made up of six colors, with a meaning assigned to each stripe: red (life), orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), blue (peace and harmony) and purple (spirit).

And just as the beloved ROYGBIV stripes have found their way into fashion and pop culture (Shirts! Coffee mugs! Bumper stickers!), countless versions of rainbow hair have also been spotted, with people taking to social media—and yes, the streets—to show off their awesome hair color.

From the classic eight-colored arc to pastel and even neon mash-ups, here’s to celebrating a fabulously multi-faceted existence—and one that encourages us to live and love happily and freely, regardless of gender, sexual and lifestyle orientation. Love, peace and hair grease! ✌

If you’re going for a stunning rainbow color, you’ll need some colored hair friendly products to keep your style vibrant and alive. We recommend washing with a duo like TRESemmé Botanique Color Vibrance & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner to protect your rainbow colors and extend your bold style’s life.