Green Hair: 10 Wearable Shades of Green Hair Color

Luck for the new year, anyone? Check out these 10 fresh, wearable shades of green hair color to consider.

The phrases ‘wearable’ and ‘green hair’ aren’t often found in the same sentence, and it’s no surprise why. Of all the hair color trends we see (from pink to blue to orange), green hair is perhaps one of the boldest and most conspicuous options. There’s simply no way around it! Another thing: We’re finally done with the holidays, so you can do away with those kitschy, campy green hairstyles and opt for something that’s actually real-life ready.

Despite the complicated reputation this particular hue has, we’ve managed to create a gallery of 10 wearable shades of green hair color. While these colors certainly make an unapologetic statement, they also work for day-to-day wear. Curious about green hair colors that are wearable on a regular basis? Read on:

Wearable Shades of Green Hair

green hair subtle dip dye
Do you remember this 2012 trend? Well, it’s back.

1. Dip-Dyed

Do you remember back in 2012 when dip dyed hair was all the rage? This subtle yet colorful style allows you to incorporate a fun pop of color into your look without making too large of a commitment. Particularly popular with women who have longer hair, you can wear this style for a season, and then simply cut off the ends of your hair that will already be due for a trim anyway.

green hair short pastel pixie
Use a light color to make a bold statement.

2. Pastel Pixie

Pair a light pastel shade of green with a cropped pixie to make double the statement. Make sure to swap out your usual shampoo and conditioner for one that protects your color treated hair. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Conditioner helps keep your newly colorful strands nice and vibrant.

green hair rooted green and purple
Play with a number of colors and opt for green roots.

3. Green Roots

Balance out your bold shade of green color by dyeing the bottom half of your strands a concentrated shade of purple.

green hair neon green wig bob bangs
Making a case for the ‘bolder is better’ philosophy.

4. Neon Green

One way to make green hair more wearable is by making it temporary. Consider investing in a neon green wig for those days when you want to make a super bold statement. After a long day of wearing a wig you’ll want to give your hair a lot of TLC. We suggest spraying Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner in your strands post-shower for a lightweight way to hydrate your locks.

green hair neon green highlights long straight
Consider some strategic green highlights.

5. Green Highlights

Scattered and strategic green highlights will only be noticeable in the right light. By leaving most of your hair natural you’re still making a statement without going overboard.

green hair mint green long straight
Keep it cool.

6. Mint Green

Keep your color cool and still vibrant with a eye-catching shade of mint green.

green hair light ombre waves with bangs
Work a few different shades of green into your style. Photo credit:

7. Light Ombré

Instead of opting for one all-over shade of green, soften up the look by asking your stylist for a light ombré that incorporates a few shades of green.

green hair light green roots
Lighten up with light green roots that fade into a bold blue color.

8. Light Green Roots

Mix two trendy colors and leave a light shade of green to your roots, while letting the blue do most of the talking.

green hair high ponytail light green micro bangs
Lighten up the ends of your hair with a pop of light green color.

9. Just the Ends

Go lighter than you’ve ever gone before with a light green ponytail that serves as the perfect contrast to your natural roots.

green hair green and blue pixie
Top off a blue pixie with an unexpected touch of green.

10. Color Mixing

Yet another way to mix two trendy hair colors, top off your blue pixie with an unexpected touch of green hair color.

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