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5 Minutes with Kylie Butler on Cool Hair Colors

We are always looking for cool hair colors to inspire our next look. Instagram has been a huge source of color inspiration where we recently found out about Kyle Butler a.k.a @kylierose_hairartist. As the owner of The Nest, a salon suite located inside Salons by JC in Seattle WA, Butler specializes in haircuts and some pretty cool hair colors that she creates on her clients. Read on to discover more about her craft and her insight on some of the latest color trends for 2017.

Cool Hair Colors by Kylie Butler

cool hair colors
A floral hair design. Photo credit: Kyle Butler.

All Things Hair: How did you get into hair?

Kylie Butler: At a young age I was always intrigued by my moms hair color that was constantly changing. She has always had something fun, (pink, burgundy, purple, silver, you name it). She allowed me to color my hair in the fourth grade. I had red hair, then pink hair in the sixth grade. Junior high came around and I started doing it myself, and in high school I started working more on friends and family. I started beauty school at Paul Mitchell the School of Portland in 2010 and here I am today!

cool hair colors fireball hair
Rock some fireball hair for your next look. Photo credit: @kylierose_hairartist on Instagram
cool hair colors
Smokey hair. Photo credit: @kylierose_hairartist on Instagram

All Things Hair: What do you love about color?

Kylie Butler: I love that color, especially vivid colors, allow for my clients to express their personalities and get creative. It’s an art form, much like painting, its a wonderful creative outlet. My job is never boring. I face new challenges every day. I go into work each day as an artist, and that’s truly fulfilling in its own.

cool hair colors ideas
Gorgeous shades of purple. Photo credit: @kylierose_hairartist on Instagram

All Things Hair: What color would you advise someone to try if they were hesitant to dye their hair?

Kylie Butler: Because I work primarily with vivid hair colors, my go to in situations like this is purple! You can find a shade of purple to look beautiful on every skin tone, and purple fades beautifully when applied to the proper canvas.

All Things Hair: What’s the best way to maintain hair color?

Kylie Butler: I tell all of my clients to drop their shampooing down to one day a week, twice max, and avoid shampoos with sulfates. You also want to avoid washing your hair in hot water, and over using heat styling tools to prevent the cuticle of the hair from opening, allowing color to fade out of the hair faster. If you live in a sunny area, you also want to use some UV protection on your hair, and cover your hair with a scarf or a hat when in the sun for long periods of time.

cool hair colors by Kylie Butler
2017 will be all about bold hair colors. Photo credit: @kylierose_hairartist on Instagram

All Things Hair: What are some of the color trends that you predict will happen in 2017?

Kylie Butler: I feel like 2017 is going to bring bolder color choices, brighter colors like neon blues and greens and multiple colors on one head. I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks alone, my clients are starting to become even more adventurous and expanding the number of colors they want in their hair. It’s really fun! That said, I also believe pastels are not going anywhere!

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