Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Medium Brown Hair: 37 Ways to Wear This Shade

Easy new styles for your hair color.

Medium brown hair color is a warm hair color that can have caramel, bronzed brown, and even light golden blonde tones. You can wear this hair color all sorts of textures whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair. Looking for inspo on how to style your medium brown hair? We’ve got 37 hairstyle ideas for you to get inspired by no matter your hair length.

Medium Brown Hair: 37 Hair Ideas to Try

Short Hair Ideas

medium brown hair tiny afro
Tiny afros are a modern classic. Photo credit:

1. Tiny Afro

If you have short natural hair, the teeny weeny afro is a cute and easy style to wear with your medium brown hair.

medium brown hair layered pixie
Layers look good. Photo credit:

2. Layered Pixie

If you’re nervous about going full on pixie, or if you have thin hair, look at the layered pixie. The long-ish layers make your hair appear fuller. If you’ve decided that the cut isn’t your thing, because the cut is layered, the grow out will be easier to style as it gets longer. Help keep your hair at its best with Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-In-1 Leave-In Conditioner.

Need a new hair regimen?
Medium brown hair pixie
It always looks great!

3. Pixie with Bangs

Use your medium brown hair to frame and showcase your eyes with a pixie with bangs.

medium brown hair bob long bangs
Longer bangs let you style your fringe to the side.

4. Side Swept Pixie

The side swept pixie can be worn with any face shape.

medium brown hair classic bob
The classic bob ends just below your chin.

5. Classic Bob

The classic bob never goes out of style. The length hits right below the chin, and the fringe goes from ear-to-ear. Use Catwalk By Tigi Camera Ready Shine Spray while you’re blow drying your hair; it’ll make your medium brown locks super shiny.

medium brown hair bob long bangs
Longer bangs let you style your fringe to the side.

6. Classic Bob Side Swept Bangs

Show off your warm medium brown hair with a bob that has long side swept bangs. Long bangs can give you styling options; you can wear a middle part, create side braids, a mermaid braid, or slick it all back.

medium brown hair flapper bob
Retro cool.

7. Flapper Bob

This retro-inspired flapper bob highlights your face and your sleek medium brown hair. Keep every strand in place by finishing your look with Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

medium brown hair asymmmetrical bob
What a cool way to show off your earrings.

8. Asymmetrical Bob

If you like, pardon the pun, being on the cutting edge of fashion and beauty, the asymmetrical bob is for you. Be prepared to have a standing date with your hairstylist, as this cut requires a lot of upkeep.

medium brown hair angled bob
The angled bob is fashion forward. Photo Credit: Dvora

9. Angled Bob

The angled bob is also a fashion forward look, and like the asymmetrical bob, it also requires a lot of  maintenance.

medium brown hair

10. Wet Look Bob

So easy to do! Just slick Tresemmé Tres Two Extra Firm Control Gel into your hair, and you’re done.

medium brown hair afro
Great hair makes you feel soo good! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

11. Curly Afro

Afros are easy care hairstyles, you can use a pick to create more fullness and height. Add a healthy shine with Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil.

medium brown hair blown under bob
Show off your medium brown hair with a beautifully styled bob

12. Blown Under Bob

Showcase your medium brown hair by blowing your hair under with big directed waves.

medium brown hair half up bob
Two pieces anchored in back with a comb, changes your look.

13. Half Up Bob

Try a half up bob on your hair for formal events like weddings. Place the front pieces in the back and secure with a floral comb to accessorize the look.

medium brown hair curly bob
Feelin’ playful.

14. Curly Bob

Style your curly bob with Dove Absolute Curls Supreme Serum. The styling cream conditions curls too.

medium brown hair afro twists
Hairstyle inspo can be found on the street. Photo credit:

15. Twisted Afro

Add visual interest and texture to your afro with scattered twists.


Medium Length Styles

medium brown hair shag
Free your curls. Photo credit:

16. Shag

Created in the 70s, the shag has a feathered top and sides, and the rest of the hair is cut into lots of layers. It’s a boon to curly girls, because the layers free the curls, letting them bounce and do what they do.

medium brown hair braided half updo lob
Wear this style anywhere.

17. Half-Up Braided Lob

The half up braided lob can be finished with a small ballerina bun or gathered into a short ponytail.

medium brown hair braids and curls
Place thin single braids throughout your hair.

18. Single Braids and Curls

Update the look of single braids by adding curls to create a fun and flirty look.

medium brown hair waves

The waves have it. Photo credit: Dvora

19. Loose Waves

If you’re born with wavy hair, let it air dry to achieve this look.  If you have straight hair, create loose waves with a flat iron.  To protect you hair from heat tools, and to add shine, use S Factor by Tigi Flat Iron Shine Spray on hair, let the product dry, and then style away.

medium brown hair fishtail
You can do this in a flash.

20. Fishtail braids

Create either a single fishtail braid, or two. Follow the directions in our easy tutorial.

medium brown hair curly lob
romantic curls make this lob swoony.

21. Curly Lob

Attach a diffuser to your blow dryer for mega curls.

medium brown hair spiral perm
Meet the new perm.

22. Spiral Curls on A Lob

Want a lot of volume? Try spiral curls. To set your curls in place, style with Tresemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse

medium brown hair waterfall braids
Create a pretty pattern with these braids.

23. Waterfall Braids

Want some back interest? Create pretty waterfall braids.

medium brown hair octopus bun
The biggest trend,

24. Octopus Bun

The bun that’s like a top knot, but not! It’s the bun of the moment that’s easy to create and fun to wear.

medium brown hair space buns
Your go-to hairstyle.

25. Space Buns

Space buns can be made on the run. They’re perfect for all hair types. You can wear them high, you can wear them low, and you can create mini space buns and let the rest of your medium brown hair loose too.

medium brown hair messy lob
Messy looks good. Photo credit:

26. Messy Lob

This undone style for medium brown hair takes just a few seconds to do. When hair is damp, a small amount of Tresemmé Tres Two Extra Firm Control Gel to damp hair, shake and go.

medium brown hair pineapple updo
Pineapple updos are fab. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

27. Pineapple Updo

Wear the Pineapple updo all year long.


Long Hair

medium brown hair loose curls
Shiny curls highlight medium brown hair.

27. Loose Curls

Highlight your shiny medium brown hair with loose curls.

medium brown hair mermaid braid
Instead of a center part, create a mermaid braid. Photo credit:

28. Mermaid Braid

Wear a mermaid braid as an accent look.

medium brown hair box braids pony
Use your strands to wrap them into a low pony.

29. Box Braids Low Pony

Box braids are a protective hairstyle that can be worn many ways; try them in a low ponytail.

medium brown hair long box braids
Get creative with color.

30. Box Braids and Color

Mix medium brown braids with other colors you love into your box braids.

medium brown hair french braid
A French braid crown

31. Wrap Around French Braid

Take your medium brown hair and create a French braid that goes from ear to ear. Once you’ve mastered the French braid, you’ll find yourself creating all sorts of styles with it.

medium brown hair
Half up, half loose, and soo cool.

32. Waterfall Bantu Knots

This super chic hairstyle which would look equally cool at a festival as it would anywhere else, is not that hard to do. Create the waterfall Bantu knots on your medium brown hair and let the compliments fly.

medium brown hair double ponytail
Too easy! Photo credit:

33. Double Ponytail

Talk about easy peasy! Create the top pony as if you were going to wear your hair in a half up-half down style, then create your second pony right below.

medium brown hair braided bun
Shiny hair looks amaze in braided buns.

34. Braided Bun

Put your new-found French braid skills to work with this braided bun.

medium brown hair double dutch braids
Get your braid on.

35. Double Dutch Braided Pigtails

Double your fun with double Dutch braided pigtails.

medium brown hair messy braid
Add hair rings for glittery goodness. Photo credit:

36. Side Braid with Hair Rings

Create a messy side French braid and add hair rings to create a fun and edgy look.

medium brown hair half up top knot
Top knots and waves for days.

37. Half-Up Top Knot

Follow the tutorial on how to create a top knot, but don’t gather up all your hair.


Looking for more hairstyle inspiration? Here are some stylish ways to wear the side braid trend.

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