Warm It Up: 12 Ways You Can Wear Reddish Brown Hair

Why choose between the two? Get a hue that gives the best of both worlds.

Reddish brown hair is a hue that nearly everyone has flirted with at some point in their lives, and with good reason: The warmth of the shade helps make your skin luminous and rosy, and it’s the type of hair color that can really help brighten up your face, even if you’re not in the mood for makeup—thinking of embracing brownish-red hair?

12 Ways You Can Wear Reddish Brown Hair

Check out these inspiring styles:

1. Warm Up Your Afro

reddish brown hair afro
Brighten up your ‘fro with warm tones. Photo Credit: Dvora

Switch up your color with this trending shade of reddish brown hair. Keep your curls from getting dry with a spritz or three of TRESemmé Between Washes Brunette Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo is perfect for touch-ups between washes, and you won’t have to worry about a white cast on your strands!

2. Reddish Brown Hair with Choppy Layers

reddish brown hair choppy layers
Choppy layers and color are like magic.

Have thin hair? This rich reddish brown hair hue will make your strands seem fuller. Plus, a choppy layered cut also makes hair appear to be thicker too. Shorter layers give the illusion of thicker and more voluminous hair with no extra styling time required!

3. Reddish Brown Hair Vintage Hairstyle

reddish brown hair vintage hairstyle
Retro chic.

The pinup girls of the 40s and 50s all had that gorgeous, lustrous reddish brown hair color. Toss on a pair of cat-eye sunnies, create victory rolls, add a headband, and then you’re done!

4. Braids and Bun

reddish brown hair braids
Show off your skills. Photo Credit: Dvora

Show off that fab brown reddish hair color with some cool braiding techniques, like a braided bun. Using Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray keeps every strand in place but doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing a helmet.

5. Beachy Waves

reddish brown hair and beachy waves
Wave action.

Now that you’ve upped your color game with red-brown hair color get a little flirty with it! Use a 1-inch curling iron to create these tousled waves, and skip the hair product to keep the style looking super natural.

6. Half-Up Bob

burgundy lob Korean short hairstyles
Reddish color tones are a big hit in Asian markets. Photo credit: Dvora

Perfect for just about any face shape or hair texture, the reddish brown bob flatters just about everyone. We love how this style looks with a trending hair accessory like a beret, barrette, or even a claw clip!

7. Sleek Reddish Brown Hair

auburn highlights straight medium length hat
Use a contrasting color to show off your color.

Why not show off your new hue with a sleek style? Follow our DIY blow-drying tutorial to create this super sleek look. The great thing about an at-home blowout is that all your hard work styling your strands can easily last a few days!

8. Two Hues at Once

reddish brown hair and purple hair
Mix it up. Photo Credit: Hannah Feldman

Get vivid color with reddish brown hair and lustrous purple.  Stop color from fading by using a toning product that promises to keep color brilliant and protect strands from heat damage when you’re using a flat or curling iron or blow dryer.

9. Color and Highlight

short hairstyles for square faces pixie cuts
Add a micro fringe to your pixie to rev up the look. Photo credit: Dvora

Going for that warm reddish brown hue, spice up the color with ginger or blonde highlights. This is an easy way to add some instant dimension to your strands while you’re already in the salon chair!

10. Add Some Hair Jewelry

reddish brown hair hair jewelruy
Put a bunch of rings on it. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Make a long pony and add hair jewelry to it. This touch of shine and sparkle draws attention to your fresh color while simultaneously adding instant dimension to your strands! Ideal for longer lengths, this style is great for anyone looking for something off the beaten path.

11. Ombré It

reddish brown hair ombre color
Adding reddish brown ombre tones to your hair makes the color look richer and deeper. Photo Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Reddish brown hair color brightens up darker hair hues when you ombré it. Consider using this trending shade as an accent color for an overall more conservative shade if you are not quite ready to take the full plunge.

12. Long Layers

reddish brown hair long layers
Use long layers to show off your new color.

Have a #longhairdontcare moment and blow your long layered cut straight. Use Nexxus Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner. This set is great because it gently cleanses your hair to help prevent color fade and rebalance your strands.

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