5 Days, 5 Bang Styles: Stylish Hairstyle Ideas for the Workweek

Your bang hairstyle forecast for the workweek! 

Weather conditions, your mood and your face shape are just a few things that can help you determine how to style your bangs. On one hand, if it’s super hot out, the last thing you want is your fringe sticking to your forehead from all of the sweat… then on the other hand, when you want a more serious look for work, you’ll want bang styles like a side-swept fringe or even an updo. The list of concerns is seemingly endless.

While we don’t know ahead of time what our days are going to look or feel like, you can definitely prep yourself in advance. Arm your bang styling repertoire with looks that complement the weather, event or your mood. Below, we’re giving you some ideas that just might get you through the work week a little more stylishly:

1. Monday: Fresh Blowout

bang styles fresh blowout
Fresh blowout style for Monday morning.

Ahh, Mondays. There’s nothing like walking into the office with a fresh blowout to start the week off right. To prepare your hair for this look, wash your hair the night before (gotta love that #SelfCareSunday) and prep with a mousse, like Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus, then blow-dry with a round brush. To preserve your style overnight, gather your hair into a low ponytail hairstyle and use a sponge roller to set your bangs overnight. In the morning, release your hair, brush through with a paddle brush and set with some hairspray, if needed.

2. Tuesday: Chic Bun

bang styles curtain bangs with low bun
Business chic bang style for Tuesday.

Second-day hair is the perfect canvas for lived-in hairstyles. What’s more: Lived-in looks are also perfect for rainy days! To create this look, refresh your hair with Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo to soak up excess oil before styling. Pull your hair back into a loose low bun, part your bangs down the middle and seal with a firm hold hairspray, like TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray, to set your style in place.

3. Wednesday: Easy Waves

how to bang styles into a side-swept style
Wavy Wednesday! Pair your bangs with a fun office-friendly style.

It’s almost the almost-weekend! For Wednesday bring those hump day vibes to the office with a light and airy, wavy, bumpy look. Pair your wavy hairstyle with a clean side-swept bang to polish up the look just a teeny bit, especially if you’re wearing this look to the office. To get the look, brush your bangs over to the side and use a flat iron to create your waves.

4. Thursday: Tiny Top Knot

bang styles half updo bun
Turn your bang styles into stylish updo looks that work well for office and after-work fun!

Turn yesterday’s style into a fun half-updo in just a few minutes. This hairstyle idea is the perfect transitional ‘do that you can wear to the office and to after work drinks, because Friday is around the corner and that is cause to celebrate.

5. Friday: Twisted Bangs

bang styles twisted fringe
No time to curl your bangs? Twist them to the side.

You made it! It’s the last day before the weekend and your hair is probably ready for a wash and style. In the meantime, try your hand at bang styles that still look fresh and stylish. This twisted bang idea is quick and easy to create before heading to the office, and because you want a clear view of all deadlines—just as clear as you see that weekend ahead! Want to take it up a notch? Try a braided bang instead.

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