7 Mesmerizing Dreadlocks With Color Styles that Make You Stand Out

Because your dreads deserve some fun!

It’s time to elevate the look of your dreadlocks with color! A common misconception that many have about locs is that they are hard to style and can only be worn in limited styles. However, time and time again, locs have proven to be very versatile hairstyles that can be worn in many dynamic ways. One of the ways that we love seeing locs being worn is with color! Whether you have dreadlocks or faux locs, color is a great way to experiment with your hair’s versatility when expanding your look. Therefore, we have created a guide on gorgeous ways to wear colorful dreadlocks. 

1. Auburn Dreadlocks with Color

dreadlocks with color caramel
Be festive this fall with auburn dreadlocks with color. Photo by Jabari Timothy

What’s a perfect way to ring into Fall than with this gorgeous auburn hue? Mixed with browns and reds, this is the perfect look to help you transition into playing with color this season and beyond. This color is so versatile that it looks beautiful in various skin tones and colors. 

2. Golden-Brown Highlights

dreadlocks with color copper
Golden brown, a timeless look regardless of the season! Photo by Brian Asare

Brown highlights are perfect for anyone who wants to add a dash of color without “overdoing” it. These browns are so subtle yet so chic, making them the perfect look to wear anywhere from work to all your best events. 

3. Honey Blonde Ombre Dreadlocks with Color

dreadlocks with color gold highlights
who could resist a gorgeous honey blonde look? Photo by Christina

Similar to browns and reds, a deep honey blonde is flattering against a wide variety of skin tones and undertones, especially medium to deep complexions with golden undertones. This is a gorgeous dreadlocks with color style to try as you prepare and plan for your hair color switches going into the fall to winter. Add a little sweetness to your cold winter days with this honey-kissed look. 

4. Add Color to Dreadlocks with Beads & Cuffs

dreadlocks with color black
Spice things up with beads to match your looks from day to day.

Love the idea of amping up your look; however, not looking forward to fully committing yet. That’s fine! A simple, easy, and fun way to achieve dreadlocks with color look is to implement some colorful beads and cuffs into your hair look. Style it your way, depending on the day and your outfit! As you remove and reinstall beads from day to day, we recommend using Suave Simply Styled Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum to help keep frizziness and flyaways under control. 

5. Mixed Reds

dreadlocks with color pink
Play with some different dreadlock with color options by wearing color streaks. Photo by Jabari Timothy

Wearing red paired with a natural deep brown color is another great style to sport if you are not ready to fully commit to a color. This pairing can be done with streaks that allow you to enjoy your natural hair color, all while making a bold impact on your appearance. 

6. Red Dreadlocks with Color

dreadlocks with color burgundy
Try this gorgeous, burgundy, red for fall. Photo by Tyler Sakil

After wearing red streaks for a while, you may want to go for a full-on red look. We get it! Who could resist? Opt-in for a full platinum red hair look. In fact, this style can be achieved by dying your hair by wearing faux locs as this is a common faux dreadlocks with color hair color that can be found at most local beauty supply stores nationwide. If you choose to wear faux locs for this look, we recommend using SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Flyaway & Wrap Mousse to help increase this longevity hairstyle. 

7. Bold Color Dreadlocks

dreadlocks with color green
Are you a go big or go home kind of gal? Then try this look. Photo by Kory Williams

Go bold or go home! Want to move on beyond the neutrals? Then opt-in for your favorite hair color while styling dreadlocks with color. This is a fun way to color outside the lines and go beyond your comfort zone. Suppose you will achieve your bold new hair color by dying it. We recommend using SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Scalp Soother during washes to help protect your color over time. 

Will you be trying dreadlocks with color? Show us your look by tagging us @AllThingsHairUS. Also, for more hair care tips and hairstyle inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter below! 

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