Tutorial: How to Do Twist Braids in a Double Knot Half-Updo

Give your everyday baby braids a cute new look in this tutorial where you will learn how to do twist braids!

Baby-braid looks such as box and twist braids lend themselves to a myriad of cool hairstyling possibilities, especially when done on longer hair. Regardless of whether your hair is relaxed or left with its natural texture intact, wearing them in twist braids affords several more options as it gives hair a more uniform length to play with.

One of these fun looks is called the double knot half-updo, which sounds complex, but is really a simple, everyday upgrade to how you normally wear your box or twist braids. It’s so quick, you may not even need a hair tie! Read on to check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to do twist braids.

Tutorial: How to a Twist Braid with a Double Knot Half-Updo


Start with your hair down.

Start with (co)washed and gently dried braids, or twists spritzed with some leave-in conditioner like the Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-in-1 Leave-in Conditioner (this will make your ropes extra shiny).



Part hair and section off with a clip.

Using a duckbill clamp, part your hair and section off the front. Disregard for now.




Gather the back section and twist.

Using just one half of the braids on your entire back section, separate the top 1/3 braids and twist them together into one big rope. Twist away from your face for a more flattering pattern. Temporarily secure your ends with a hair clip.





Repeat on opposite side.

Repeat on the opposite side of your head, taking care to still twist away from your face.




Tie both sections together.

Take both twisted sections of your hair and tie them together, à la shoelace. Leave a finger-width’s worth of wiggle room in between your scalp and the knot.




Double up.

Go back and repeat the tying process. You will now have a noticeable, croissant-like twist bump on the back of your head. You might want to secure the undersides with some bobby pins if you feel some locks start to unfurl.





Free up your front section.

Remove the duckbill clip from your very first section and twist it away from your face.



Weave it in.

Tuck that last front section in between the croissant, weaving it in and out to hide any seams. The front section will result in giving a romantic, side-swept look across your face. Secure with pins where necessary.




Give any tight areas a well-meaning tug, and you’re done.



You did it! You mastered how to do twist braids! Check out even more braided styles in our braids section.